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One of the hardest parts of learning to play an instrument is finding a place to practice. It can be frustrating trying not to distract people playing loud drums or distorted guitar. Similar problems plague even more advanced musicians. Finding a space to practice and record, as well as the equipment needed to achieve precise sounds and effects, can be a major strain on your wallet. This is where The Record Co. comes in.

The Record Co. recently opened a whole new workspace for people to rehearse and record music. Located in the Newmarket area, TRC has rehearsal studios available for ten to twenty-five dollars an hour (prices vary depending on studio size). Currently, they are offering these spaces for five dollars an hour. This deal ends September 30, so be sure to grab this opportunity quickly.

Not only will you have a place to practice if you rent the studio, but you’ll also have access to TRC’s comprehensive library of instruments. A whole new world of resources can be made available at a price much lower than usual studio rates.

For people looking to record their music, the association provides access to their microphones, headphones and recording equipment to those who rent studio time. For those looking to record an uncomplicated low pressure track, these studios do not require the supervision of a sound engineer. So feel free to have fun with the time you have available.

For those looking to create more professional-sounding songs, the studios include a computer workstation with production capabilities, as well as “a select collection of musical instruments, microphones, headphones, and more. recording equipment, ”according to a recent press release. Computers include software such as ProTools, FL Studio, and Logic. With an eight-channel audio interface, sofa, speakers, chairs, and studio lighting, things will definitely be superior to recording over voice memos.

TRC’s brand new community rehearsal and recording workspace includes four recording studios, 14 rehearsal studios, a community meeting space and a production room. There are a lot of new and experienced artists to come out of this place. For UMass Boston students, it is easily accessible by taking the 8 campus bus to Massachusetts Ave & Theo Glynn Way.

Since January, over 2,000 musicians have attended TRC. According to TRC Studio Director Jamie Rowe, “Our recording studios have been so busy we’ve noticed musicians and engineers using our floating recording equipment to work, record and produce in the rehearsal studios.” They are looking to accommodate even more, and with their new production suite and of them new production mobile workstations, it seems like there is even more incentive for people to go. At this Subject, Rowe said, “We wanted to create an additional resource so that our users could work and create in a studio environment on a more flexible schedule. The new production suite allows hourly rentals with a selection of high quality equipment for recording and production. To make things easier for music creators, the production suite includes laptop integration, so people can use their own devices.

If you want to use the production suite, mobile workstation, and / or recording studios mentioned in this article, go to therecordco.gov/reserve-space. There you can book these locations at an hourly rate. With affordable rates, great resources, and the many different ways to use their resources, TRC is a great resource for people looking to register. Whether it’s a podcast, a long concept album, a cool beat, or a few raw demos, this is a great resource for anyone with any interest in creating.



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