Watain Announces New Album The Agony & Ecstacy Of Watain For April 2022 Release, Shares New Song And Video “The Howling”


Watain has announced a new album titled Watain’s agony and ecstasy which is set to be released in April 2022. The Swedish metal band also shared a new song and music video with the album announcement titled “The Howling”.

The new album is the band’s 7th full-length project. It is a story told over the course of ten chapters that is described as “a disturbing, blackened journey”. Singer E. Danielsson (vocals) adds, “The Howling refers to the wordless voice of nature, moaning eerily through the ages, urging us to leave our safe spaces and explore the dark recesses of the great Abyss within and outside. See it, learn from it, know it.

The music video for “The Howling” is an intense horror show experience. There’s a bloody red tint all over the visual and Watain is clad in black and white face paint like creatures from hell. Random cuts in the video show images of skulls and carcasses, adding to the imagery of death and fear. Although the tempo is relatively slow, the energy and darkness come out very well. Filled with bloody faces and fire, Watain’s new track is nothing short of unsettling.

In late 2021, Mayhem and Watain announced the dates for the Spring 2022 co-headlining tour. The North American tour is called North American Blood Sodomy.” The tour will kick off March 7, 2022 in San Francisco and wrap up nearly a month later on April 3 in Joliet, Illinois. Throughout the tour, the bands will perform in over 20 major cities including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Toronto, New York, Detroit, Chicago and more.

Watain’s agony and ecstasy Track list

1. Ecstasies in the infinite night
2. The howling
3. Serimosa
4. black pussy
5. The grace of the leper
6. Neither sun nor man nor god
seven. before the cataclysm
8. We stay
9. funeral winter
ten. northern



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