Unlax Drums: A New Way to Experience the Drummer’s High


Are you jealous of the “runner’s high” experienced by serious athletes after intense and vigorous training? Playing steel tongue drums can be a good alternative for you!

Are you jealous of the “runner’s high” experienced by serious athletes after intense and vigorous training? Well, recently published research reveals three alternative ways to release those mood-boosting endorphins:

Sing, dance and drum.

This is the conclusion of a study conducted by Robin Dunbar, a psychologist at the University of Oxford. He and his colleagues report that people who just play music have a higher tolerance for pain, indicating that their bodies are producing endorphins, sometimes called natural opiates.

In their experiments, simply listening to music did not produce this positive effect. “We conclude that it is the active performance of the music that generates the endorphin high, not the music itself,” the researchers write in the online journal Evolutionary Psychology.

The drummer group demonstrated a significantly higher pain threshold compared to the others. They also reported higher levels of positive emotions. This information is also true for people who play steel tongue drums.

With steel tongue drums, you already have a musical instrument that is tuned to relax you, helping you produce even more endorphins than playing a regular drum. Since all the notes you play on a steel tongue drum sound great together, you don’t need a musical background to feel the Drummer’s High.

Robin Dunbar’s study also found that playing in a group is an even more effective way to induce this feeling. Due to its portability, you can take a steel tongue drum wherever you go, get together with others and create a drumming circle, initiating a collective feeling of uplifting drumming among all of you.

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You must be wondering what is the difference between drums from Unlax Music Store and steel tongue drums from other stores. Based on our experience with them, we can let you know that with Unlax drums:

• You will receive a specially tuned drum for relaxation purposes. It definitely has a game-changing sound!

• You will learn how to play instantly in a fluid way

• You will have the opportunity to improve your mood and experience the “drummer’s high” whenever you feel like it

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