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There are many amazing nightlife opportunities in Rhodes that partygoers would want to partake in. With stunning crystal beaches shimmering in the sun, blue waters that beautifully surround ancient buildings, stunning bays, monasteries and museums, Rhodes has a lot to offer visitors. And with plenty of nightclubs, Rhodes is the place to experience the best nightlife, which can go from lively to laid-back and romantic in just one night, giving travelers an unforgettable experience. There are also taverns and restaurants in the party places to make the experience more fascinating.

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Nightlife in Rhodes Town

The city of Rhodes is the capital of the island of Rhodes and offers a very varied nightlife. The port area is full of bars and taverns, and on their way to the new town, founded in 1912 by the Italians, they will encounter many pubs and clubs suitable for young visitors. Some places in the city play the bouzouki, a traditional musical instrument in Greece.

Bar Street is the nightlife hotspot of Rhodes Town. Located near the city’s waterfront, there are all kinds of bars and clubs, offering different musical tastes. Orfanidou Street offers a wide variety of party venues, including the Colorado Club, where travelers are bound to encounter many classy pubs and pubs.

Visitors who like romantic parties can head to the old town, while those looking for a wild party can visit the Orfanidou bar street. The good news? There are plenty of restaurants for dining along the street and can offer a variety of cuisines to keep the party vibe alive.

Nightlife in Faliraki

Looking for a mix of different themes? Look no further. Faliraki is the perfect nightlife spot for tourists looking for variety. Located not far from Rhodes town, getting to this party spot won’t be a problem as it can be reached quickly by taxi. This place is full of nightclubs with professional DJs playing different genres of music. There are several restaurants set up along the streets of Faliraki where one can dine.

Bedrock is a karaoke bar and one of the most popular nightlife spots in Faliraki. People party at the bar all night long as it stays open until morning. DJs play a medley of soulful music at this bar every Saturday night, with the real clubbing starting immediately after the karaoke screen pops up. The deck mounted outside the club has leather couches where travelers can sit and soak up the party vibe.

De Club is another party venue in Faliraki that is perfect, especially for the summer, as they have a great uniform lineup for the whole period. Tourists looking for House music in Faliraki can head to Liquid Club. The music is placed on the ground floor, and those looking for R ‘n’ B and Garage can climb the stairs to the first floor and enjoy the party.

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Nightlife in Pefkos and Lindos

Pefkos and Lindos are the perfect places to spend a relaxed and peaceful time during the day before hitting the nightclub. These venues offer a variety of nighttime experiences, depending on the preferences and tastes of visitors. There’s everything to enjoy about these places, and nearly every traveler is covered. That we are looking for a more family atmosphere. For bars and nightclubs, head to Lindos and discover its fancy tavernas and chic rooftop restaurants, which guarantee incredible views.

The Amphitheater Boutique Club is one of those clubs in this neighborhood that no party lover would want to miss. Perfect for partying the night away, from this club travelers can enjoy the magnificent view of the sunrise, appearing over Lindos and Acropolis Bay. Located in the center of Lindos, the amphitheater offers a true outdoor party experience and stunning views of the castle. The club hosts famous DJs and big-name musicians who make the island shine with some of the best music. The restaurants located around this place serve some of the tastiest food and cocktails.

Eclipse Bar is another great outdoor party venue and bar playing different music – from the latest hits to old school. It’s best to party at this bar immediately after landing in Rhodes, as its vibe will bring them back. Oasis Pool Bar is the perfect place in Pefkos for the most fun party experience. It is a place where people like to dance or simply chat with family or friends over a drink. The food served here is top notch! In case of need of refreshment, travelers can always swim in the pool.

For a variety of delicious cocktails, head to the family-run Luna Bar and serve a variety of drinks including ice cream cocktail, mint cream, and chocolate ice cream. This bar also serves good food for travelers who need something to eat.

Visitors can never face a shortage of nightlife once in Rhodes, even in the remote areas of the southern region of the island.


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