The Weeknd officially has the most monthly listeners on Spotify


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Just over two weeks after the release of her fifth studio album, Dawn FM, The Weeknd has officially broken Spotify’s monthly listener record.

At the time of writing, The Weeknd (full name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye) has 86.34 million monthly listeners on the Stockholm-based platform, with a staggering 2.76 billion streams for “Blinding Lights.”

But many of the 16 tracks on Dawn FM, which features appearances from Lil Wayne, Tyler, the Creator and Swedish House Mafia, has already racked up a significant number of plays. Specifically, “Sacrifice” is approaching 60 million streams, while “Out of Time” and “Is There Someone Else?” have cracked 30 million games each.

Justin Bieber once held the record for the most monthly listeners on Spotify, and the “Baby” artist currently has 81.24 million monthly listeners on the platform. Ed Sheeran is ranked third (78.04 million), against fourth for Dua Lipa (69.21 million) and fifth for Adele (60.49 million).

That Justin Bieber and The Weeknd earned the top two spots on Spotify’s Monthly Listener Artist List is telling, as both acts are signed to Universal Music Group.

A Spotify executive previously acknowledged that the leading label was “ready to look more aggressively” at promotional initiatives and bilateral market deals. Now, 11 of Spotify’s monthly listeners’ top 20 artists are signed to UMG, compared to five from Warner Music and four from Sony Music.

In addition, Dawn FMThe fact that The Weeknd propelled The Weeknd to the top spot on the monthly listeners list is notable given the growing popularity of catalog music. Referring to tracks released at least 18 months ago, catalog music would account for nearly three-quarters of music consumption in the United States.

But with the exception of Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, David Guetta and Post Malone – and despite the industry-wide shift from albums to singles – all of the top 20 artists by monthly listeners on Spotify have released albums. over the past 18 years. month. (Kid Laroi fucking love debuted exactly 18 months ago, and each of the four artists listed has of course released singles during the time period.)

Going forward, one should keep in mind the ability of new releases to elevate artists to the top of the Spotify charts while simultaneously representing a small portion of overall music consumption.

And as Spotify’s MAUs and streaming volume continue to rise – with 50 million creators expected to be part of the platform by 2025 – evidence suggests the increases could drive up prices for subscribers to MAUs. United States.


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