THE Show 2022: Buy Records at THE Vinyloneum


As a newbie to the audio show, I wasn’t sure what to expect coming to THE Show 2022, but I knew for sure that I wanted to hit what I call “THE Vinyloneum” located in the Marketplace area On the second floor.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. There are not a large number of dealers, but the 4 present have a large choice. Cash is king; however, all accept credit cards or PayPal, so if you’re no longer carrying paper money, you can still burn a hole in your pocket.

I’m obviously not the only attendee wanting to add to the record collection as all of the vendor booths were busy. This being a rendezvous for audiophiles, a selection of trends ranging from classical to jazz but I saw a lot of rock and several punk, new wave and metal clubs.

Audiophile pressings from MoFi, Impex, Classic Records were in abundance, with other labels featured as well.

First purchases at Vinyloneum

My eyes lit up when I saw how much classical and jazz were available, as these genres are hard to find in Calgary. Major purchases for me were an unopened copy of recent mono, Craft Recordings’ RSD release of Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section (uninflated price), an Impex pressing of ESP by the Miles Davis Quintet (Copy 0047 of 3000) and a clean copy of Janos Starker playing Bach’s Cello Sonatas (with Gyorgy Sebok).

Coming back for more records at THE Show 2022
And I went back for more

I’m coming home on Sunday not only having seen and heard some great gear at THE (and possibly additions to the gear wishlist), but also with some new wax to spin around in my basement. . What’s better than that?

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