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By Marilyn Delk

GREENVILLE—When Lisa Biales brings her prodigious talents to The Coffee Pot in Greenville on Thursday, October 6, she and her bandmates Lisa Biales Trio will no doubt attract a host of devoted fans who have followed her throughout her many appearances in our community. I first met Lisa in the early 2000s when she and her singing partner Sarah Goslee Reed memorably performed at local schools as part of the Arts In Education program at the Darke County Center for the Arts. , mostly singing original songs based on beloved children’s literature. Lisa’s love of singing was evident to all as the duo charmed students and teachers alike with their warm personalities and beautiful voices. Since then, she has appeared in several DCCA Coffee House Series shows, some of which also included violinist Doug Hamilton and cellist Michael G. Ronstadt, both of whom will team up with Lisa at The Coffee Pot, and have performed in the part of the DCCA’s Artists Series presentations to Henry. St. Clare Memorial Hall.

Lisa grew up in a musical family – her father led a jazz band, her mother sang with that band as well as in plays and a church choir – and has been singing for as long as she remembers. When she was in sixth grade, she played guitar and sang in church, then branched out to sing at weddings before joining various bands playing rock and roll, bluegrass, folk, and Americana. After completing a master’s degree in theater at Ohio University and following the success of her first album of original songs, Lisa quit her day job in 2003 to devote herself entirely to music, explaining that she had decided to put all her energy into singing and playing the guitar, things she really loved; since then she has been performing and recording successfully.

Singing – the vocal production of musical tones – is not only ancient, but also universal, whose origins are lost in antiquity, but predate the development of spoken language. The voice is believed to be the original musical instrument, because surprisingly, no human culture exists that doesn’t sing! Primitive societies sang when praying to their gods or celebrating rites of passage, and to commemorate and preserve their history. Lisa Biales celebrates this ancient and eternal art form she loves so much, singing with joy and enthusiasm, communicating emotions as well as stories with her clear and bellicose voice. Oh, and his guitar skills are also quite impressive, as is the mastery of their chosen instruments displayed by his musical cohorts in the Lisa Biales Trio, Doug and Michael.

The DCCA’s Coffee House series features high-quality artists performing in a welcoming, intimate setting where food and drink are available. the audience gets an up close personal look at the performers, often engendering a magical connection and generating an exchange of energy that inspires awe-inspiring performances. Other 2022-23 Coffee House presentations include Heartland Productions’ performance of songs from The Great American Songbook at Union City’s Arts Depot on December 1, and the eclectic duo Acoustic Eidolon, consisting of cellist Hannah Alkire and her husband Joe Scott who invented and plays the guitjo. (a guitar strung like a banjo), performing at the Montage Cafe on March 23; singer/songwriter Elden Kelly closes the series at Arcanum’s Wayne Trail Historical Society on April 20.

Tickets to The Coffee House shows are a bargain at $15, or just $10 for DCCA members, and can be purchased by contacting the DCCA at or 937-547-0908. Any remaining showtime tickets will be available at the door the night of the show, but I strongly believe tickets for Lisa’s performance will sell out long before that. As her many devoted local fans already know, Lisa Biales was born to sing; sharing time with this extraordinarily talented artist is a privilege not to be missed and cherished.


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