The award-winning village of Esfahak will be demarcated


TEHRAN — Cultural heritage authorities are set to define the legal boundaries of Esfahak village, located in Tabas county in eastern Iran.

This picturesque village has won the TO DO Award 2020, a prestigious prize awarded annually by the German Institute for Tourism and Development.

Esfahak enjoys a mild climate that is perfect for the growth of any crop, while visiting it almost anywhere looks beautifully lush. Village houses are often built on one floor with domed roofs and small windows.

The old houses were often built using bricks and mud and are mostly single storey. Traditional bathrooms, locally called Khazinehs, still stand in the corners of the village. Local music is particularly important to the people of the village. Performing local songs and playing the tar (a local stringed musical instrument) are inseparable from the celebrations in the village. Dates and saffron from the village of Esfahak are tasty, make sure you don’t miss trying them. You can also test different kinds of local soup and postage in Esfahak.

Esfakak’s original texture was completely washed away during a 7.4 earthquake in 1978, according to local tourism officials. A new village has been built following the earthquake next to the shaken old one with the participation of people who have now redeveloped it as a tourist destination with [abundant] eco-lodge units.



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