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Swedish skier Henrik Harlaut is known as an eccentric on the slopes. And in keeping with his signature move after landing a big turn, on Tuesday, February 8, the hip-hop-loving high-flyer gave his usual shoutout to Staten Island’s best when he stomped on a killer combo in the finale of The Debut. of the Beijing Winter Olympics in the men’s freestyle skiing big air event.

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After barking “yeah, yeah, yeah” and throwing off his mittens to make a Wu-Tang Clan “W” symbol, the Swede shouted “Wu-Tang Forever!” after landing a Nose Butter smooth triple cork. “Hold it down! A-woo! Wu-Tang is for the kids!” Harlaut added, waiting for his score. equally massive, the 30-year-old airbender notched a bronze medal in the men’s final.

But more importantly, he kept up his longstanding tradition of giving props to the clan by resurfacing the line uttered by late member Ol’ Dirty Bastard at the 1998 Grammy Awards when the voluble, volcanic ODB rushed the acceptance speech. of Shawn Colvin for revenge. an earlier defeat of the Wu-Tang at the ceremony and uttered the phrase that would soon become iconic: “Wu-Tang is for children”.

Harlaut has been paying tribute to the Clan since 2014 and they definitely noticed, with the leader of the group, RZA, personally wishing the skier good luck. in a video ahead of his slopestyle ski race at the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang. “Peace. Four years ago, a young skier represented Wu-Tang on the biggest sports stage in the world. Today the @36rooms The family wishes Henrik Harlaut well as he tries to win an Olympic gold medal,” RZA wrote alongside the video.

Watch the Harlaut jumps here and a photo of Wu-Tang below.


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