Swedish House Mafia Releases Uplifting MV For “Heaven Takes You Home”


Nearly a decade after their initial breakup, dance music supergroup Swedish House Mafia have released their Heaven again album in April. Spending its second week at number 1 on Dance Radio, one of the best tracks from their first comeback album is “Heavy Takes You Home,” described as the emotional core of the collection of sonically diverse tracks.

English singer-songwriter, Connie Constance, and the new music video is filmed through “Connie’s Lense” as the camera explores the central role music plays in the life of Constance and her close circle of friends. Below is a short statement from the artist evoking the emotions and message behind the song and music video:

“It’s been the most amazing journey working with the Swedish House Mafia. From creating a beautiful song that’s so dear to me, to making the video, I can’t be grateful enough for how this process has been empowering everyone you will see in this video and even most of the team have changed my life in some way which seems auspicious as this song is currently doing the same thing .I wanted to create a video for SHM that could be shown at a wedding or unfortunately a funeral.All the best elements and the best people.It’s not the London Eye or the Thames that makes London.It’s the people who keep the culture so diverse and the energy so vibrant.I hope this video gives some insight into the city’s young dreamers and how together we’re helping each other break through all limits and take on the world….until may heaven bring you home and may you have the most triumphant story to tell.

The Swedish House Mafia will kick off their highly anticipated PARADISE AGAIN TOUR at Miami’s FTX Arena on July 29, which marks their first major performance since their Coachella gig. As they cross North America and Europe, they will be joined by artists such as Alesso, Zhu, Grimes, Vintage Culture and many more.

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