Swedish House Mafia announce that their next album is finished


Swedish House Mafia announce that their next album is finished

THE ALBUM IS ENDED‘. These are the three words that appeared on Swedish house mafia Social Media last night, leaving everyone speechless. At the end of last year, the trio confirmed that their next feature film titled ‘Heaven again‘ would arrive sometime in 2022. After this announcement, it remains in the air that the arrival of the album could be imminent. Once recovered from these three powerful words, the big question really is what will be the release date of this long-awaited album.

What do we know so far about “Paradise Again”? “Paradise Again” is supposed to be the name of the period in the industry since the resurrection of the Swedish House Mafia. Reborn alongside live music itself after a long pandemic, the trio caused a stir. In a recent stirring interview with NME, Swedish House Mafia revealed that 45 songs were written for the project, a set that will have been reduced and condensed to result in the next album. It’s also believed that “Paradise Again” will include the singles that have been thrilling fans for the past few months. They are ‘It’s getting better‘, ‘Lifetime‘ with Ty Dolla$ign and 070 ShakeMoth to a Flame‘ with The weekendand ‘A Symphony‘ with Jacob Muhlrad.

Swedish House Mafia said that in the past they tried to chase their identity and finally found a way and a time to express their true DNA. It’s darker, it’s more formal, it’s more conceptual. It’s a whole new chapter for the music and career of the famous electronic music trio. They have changed, the music has changed, and everyone is ready to welcome this new album. Title after title, it will certainly be the most faithful way to apprehend this renewed creative direction in an intimate and intimate way. If the album is ready, deliver it. Please.

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