Swedish House Mafia and Sting Cement Legendary Crossover on ‘Paradise Again’ Fourth Single, ‘Redlight’


The Swedish Mafia and Sting. What a time to live.

Sebastian Ingrosso confirmed that Heaven again would be filled with more unpredictable contributors – if you think The Weeknd, Ty Dolla $ign and 070 Shake are a little surprising – but it’s safe to say that the Swedes have crossed paths with one of the most famous veterans in the history of the music. t necessarily on anyone’s radar. That was until some members of the Discord trio noticed in mid-January that the following Swedish House Mafia count on Instagram had gone up by one, with Sting being the latest addition. And dating back to “Lifetime,” the trio had made it their way of subtly telling everyone who they would be collaborating with next. This pattern quickly repeated itself when Ingrosso made his Discord returns less than a week later to reveal that “Redlight” – a word the trio had randomly, but deliberately used to caption an Instagram Publish– was actually with Sting and wasn’t too far away. And here we are exactly a month later with “Redlight” officially in hand as the fourth building block for Heaven again, which still has no expiration date yet. That’s only half the story of how we got here, though, and we apologize in advance for the long and winding road that’s about to follow.

In December, there was a wild goose hunt for Axwell’s solo set videos at MDL Beast, but one had arisen thanks to his counterpart Axwell Λ Ingrosso, who was recorded by something most weren’t immediately familiar with. The ID in question belonged to Desembra, which was the only co-production credit on the three paradise Again tracks so far – and was given the name “Juicy” in one of the previous SoundCloud mixes. And the download was suddenly not found after the internet got wind of what was going on. Hope seemed lost at the time, but we launched it dancing astronautThe most anticipated identifiers of 2022 because why not? “Juicy” still deserved to see the light of day one way or another. Well, now it is. Kind of.

In mid-February, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello found themselves in the heart of New York. Why? We still have no idea. What we do know is that even if it wasn’t for a surprise set at Madison Square Garden or the Brooklyn Mirage, the Swedish House Mafia had met Sting and next shared a TikTok of what appeared to be “Juicy” by Desembra. And a video of Axwell Λ Ingrosso MDL Beast Bundle it turns out that they surfaced at the exact same time, when we learned that they had played a mashup with an unreleased version of “Juicy” and The Police’s 1978 classic “Roxanne”, which has led everyone to put two and two together that Sting’s involvement and the name “Redlight” may very well have come from the latter. And, of course, it was Alesso who finally confirmed everything when he fall the final “Redlight” form at Echostage the following week.

Now that we’re all up to speed and finally heard the single in its entirety, we know for a fact that the Swedish House Mafia did everything but slap their name on the ID card we heard back in December with a sample of Sting. Based on all the facts at hand, the trio simply used the Desembra original’s bass line as a starting point while thoroughly creating their own impeccably constructed production. If Sting’s voice sounds like it did 44 years ago, that’s only testament to his venerable talent considering Axwell has confirmed they’ve been re-recorded for the latest episode of Swedish House Mafia. Heaven again chronology. Without discrediting “It Gets Better”, “Lifetime” or “Moth To A Flame” to any stretch of the imagination, there’s a general consensus that “Redlight” definitely feels like the single most ” Swedish House Mafia” from the four—although unlike anything we’ve heard from them before, as with everything else since July, the trio are still refining the dark, new-age house style they showcased until present, masterfully playing hand-in-hand with Sting’s modernized version of his famous voice that results in a cross-generational creation that will unequivocally set Coachella on fire in April.

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