Skid Row shares “Tear It Down”


New single and video available now

Skid Row posted “Destroy it“, the latest single and video from his upcoming The gang is here album, to be released this fall. “Tear It Down” is everything fans have ever loved about Skid Row all rolled into one – swaggering vocals, signature guitar riff, scorching groove and call to action.

“’Tear It Down’ is about breaking down barriers. Because coexisting is not about building walls; it’s about getting rid of it,” says Rachel Bolan.

The video, which was produced by Take 2 Productions/Rosey Media, was filmed in the band’s home state of New Jersey and perfectly captures the raw, raw nature of Skid Row’s music.

The gang is here is the octane of an attitude that’s been brewing since the band’s formation in 1986. Producer Nick Raskulinecz lit a creative forest fire, challenging them to deconstruct good ideas and rebuild them into something even better. , something timeless. He became the arbiter of their legacy, challenging them to go back to instinct and be the same rambunctious kids who made their first two albums.

The new album features Erik Grönwall from Swedish band HEAT as Skid Row’s new vocalist. The band had worked on the album with former vocalist ZP Theart before scratching these tracks for Grönwall’s. There is no additional information on why Theart was replaced.

The album will be available on CD and several vinyl setups, including black vinyl, Limited edition 180 gram white LP and 180 gram limited edition transparent red LP. It’s due out October 14 via earMUSIC, a month later than planned after Dave “The Snake” Sabo confirmed in a February episode of The Music Universe Podcast that the album would be released in September.

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