Rocket Records in Bournemouth is Trader of the Week


A newly opened record store owned by a music-loving duo: Rocket Records is our trader of the week.

Bournemouth-based Rocket Records is home to an impressive collection of vinyl, posters and CDs, as well as DVDs, books and music-related memorabilia.

The store was opened last September by Spud and Nikki Dibley and has quickly become a “must visit” for music fans.

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Nikki said, “We have a great variety here.

“We probably have the biggest Punk and Metal genre sections.”

Spud added, “We do pretty much every genre of music.

“People from all over came to see us.

The couple have always had a passion for music, both being regular festival goers and Spud having collected vinyl for 40 years.

Nikki said, “We met at the Reading Festival in 1988, so music is a huge part of our lives.

“Spud loves music. He’s been selling records for about 40 years. When he was younger, he had a little music store in a store and a store in a market.

“It was always just a hobby. We both had other full-time jobs at the time. Spud worked for the Salvation Army, and I worked for the NHS for a while. about 30 years old.

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Spud and Nikki never planned to open a music store; they retired in 2020 with plans to travel the world but were halted by the arrival of Covid-19.

Nikki said, “We didn’t plan to open a store. When we couldn’t travel, we just went to look for jobs again.

“One day we went out for a pint of milk and saw that this store was for rent.

“We called the owner who showed us around that afternoon and we decided to take it.

“We went for milk and came back with a store lease.”

Echo of Bournemouth:

The duo then had two weeks to transform the empty unit into a vibrant hub for music lovers, before it opened in September 2021.

Rocket Records hopes to start trading online in the future, but for now you can find them at 884 Wimborne Road, Moordown, Bournemouth, BH9 2DR.


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