Residents push back Mary Celeste entertainment license

MARION – A public hearing to grant Mary Celeste Whiskey and Wine Library an entertainment license continued, after comments from neighboring residents.

Owner Mike Achilles appeared before the Select Board on June 22, asking to be able to put on shows until 9 p.m.

“We want to play light jazz music inside and out,” Achilles said. “Nothing like the Marion Concert Band.”

He said he would probably host “one maximum event per week”, but added that “we would like our license not to be limited by this”.

Achilles did not specify exactly which days of the week he would like to be able to provide entertainment, but did indicate that he would like to have flexibility to avoid clashing with other events in town.

Achilles added that he already employs a noise monitoring machine in the living room and will continue to do so for any live entertainment. He added that he had not received any noise complaints from residents or the city since it opened late last year.

“Our hope is [the noise] don’t come out of this patio, ”he said. He later noted that the noise would be directed to the street, not to neighbors’ homes.

He also argued for fairness regarding the entertainment license, citing Kate’s Simple Eats license of a similar nature. There, shows are allowed until 9 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

But Achilles’ promises were not enough for some locals.

From complaints about parking to the danger the increased traffic could pose to neighborhood children, some residents were skeptical and others outright opposed to the entertainment at the facility.

“I think we’re opening a box of worms here,” said Margie Baldwin. “It’s a whole new level of your business. “

A resident, representing the condos across from the Mary Celeste, said the entertainment was a non-starter.

“It’s out of the question for us,” he said.

Other residents were concerned that the facility’s parking would increase on an already busy street and that children on bicycles and skateboards could be at risk if there was an increase in traffic.

But Achilles said traffic and parking shouldn’t be more of a problem than they already are, as he said the Mary Celeste is quite often at full capacity on weekends.

John Waterman, chosen board member, suggested that the board approve a license on an interim basis. Achilles said he had no problem with this, but noted that Kate’s entertainment license had not been granted on an interim basis.

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