Prabhuji Online Raises Pre-Series A Fund

Calcutta (West Bengal) [India], June 30 (ANI / Hunk Golden and Media): Prabji Online, India’s fastest growing technology, “Subscription Commerce Company”, is a series of renowned angel investors based in Singapore and India. Raised undisclosed funds prior to Round A.

Prabhuji Online is committed to delivering flower arrangements and puja samagri daily and locally. The company plans to provide in-home Panditch services, organize dedicated singers, and offer religious and spiritual tourism soon.

Prabhuji Online has made over 3 million successful deliveries to date providing essentials to meet Calcutta’s religious and spiritual needs along its route.

Rahul Tayal, Former Director of LG India and Croma, Saahil Mohta, Former Director of ANZ Grindlays Bank Australia, Prashant Tayal, Director of German Bank Singapore, Saumya Bajaj of the World Bank, Jaspreet Bhatia, Managing Director, Ice Cube Holidays, Sumit Keshav Microsoft, Wipro, etc. 15 years of experience in IT strategy in a company in Japan participate as an investor. Oceans Bridge is the sole advisor of this transaction.

The startup is the brainchild of Manishpal Singh, co-founder and CEO known as Rishi Singh, a businessman with diverse expertise with global exposure to industry and consumers. Prabhuji Online was conceptualized as an electronic retailer to make connections between rapidly changing consumers and products / services, available in a highly structured and organized manner.

Manishpal Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of Prabhuji Online, said: Contact all Bharat homes. In 2021, we will expand our presence to various cities such as Ryepur and Delhi-Jaipur, and develop an immediate action plan. Despite the COVID pandemic, we have been able to meet the daily spiritual and dedicated needs of our customers. “Over the past 16 months of COVID, we have continued to grow despite major disruptions and supply chain challenges. Supply disruptions have a significant impact on agricultural supply, ”added Mannish Parsin. There was a big impact on the shipping. Not allowed, but we stopped everything and failed. Our clients are the greatest support and we are for their religious spirituality. We are committed to serving them to editors on a daily basis. Due to the significant increase in the number of subscribers during this period, this market could grow 70-80% year over year over the next 5-6 years. Eighty-five percent of the workforce is female, the company is committed to empowering women, and the company sources directly from farmers to ensure prompt payments.

Rahul Tayal, who joins the board as a member of the board and is part of the company’s marketing and branding strategy, said:

Prabhuji Online has previously raised fundraisers from well-known angel investors such as Ujjwal Deepak and Anshul Dave. Ujjwal Deepak also took part in the current round and increased his stakes. “The start-up investment is all about supporting the right founding team and scalable, profitable ideas,” Ujjwal Deepak added.

“Prabhuji Online focuses frugal innovation and conceptual thinking on business, especially daily delivery. Prabhuji Online is the perfect blend of technology and Smart Bhartiya innovation,” said an active investor with more than 25 investments. Angel investor Anshul Dave added. His portfolio.

This is a booming industry, with most of the players being more community-driven, unorganized, and lacking an online presence. The estimated market size of the religious industry is estimated at 25,000 rupees. Ninety-five percent of the industry is unorganized and ready to face the turmoil of using digital channels to increase disposable income, facilitate ordering, and ensure efficient delivery.

Outsourcing in this sector guarantees the quality and efficiency of time to avoid the presence of rituals and cultures. Religion is the heart of India and could be a huge market awaiting the transition from an unorganized to an organized industry.

This story is provided by Hank Golden and the media. ANI is not responsible for the content of this article. (ANI / Hank Golden and Media)

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