Our dream setlist for Blink-182’s first reunion show


The earth is healing, as Tom DeLonge has returned to Blink-182. With a massive slew of tour dates announced for 2023 and 2024, we decided to help Blink create the greatest pop-punk setlist of all time, which they are completely free to steal and use on tour.

A perfect Blink reunion setlist should consist of plenty of DeLonge-voiced songs, no Skiba-era tracks, lots of nostalgia, a few unexpected throwbacks, and nothing from the dreaded 2011 comeback album, Neighborhoods.

As a basis for our dream setlist, we used an old Blink-182 setlist from their 2010 European tour. It was hot on the heels of Blink’s 2009 reunion with DeLonge, when they beautifully captured the joy of the pop-punk band’s reformation. Although they kicked off that 2010 gig with “Dumpweed,” we think “Feeling This” is the right way to start Blink’s first show of 2023, mostly due to best pals Mark’s back-and-forth vocals. Hoppus and Tom DeLonge.

After that debut, we think Blink should give DeLonge time to shine as he embarks on “First Date” and “Aliens Exist,” before moving on to a string of hits from what many fans believe is the holy trinity of Blink albums – State enema, Take off your pants and jacketand Blink-182.

For old school Blink fans, some favorites from cheshire cat and Ranch Guy have to be on the menu, so we added the high-energy “Pathetic” and “Josie” along with the hilarious “Touchdown Boy” sung by DeLonge. Blink hasn’t played “Touchdown Boy” since 1997, so dust it off, guys!

Of course, “Carousel” and “Dammit” must be part of the band’s encore. Duh! With that, a drum solo from Travis Barker and “Family Reunion,” the encore is complete.

Check out our Blink-182 dream reunion setlist below and Click here for tickets to the meeting. Tickets go on sale October 17 at 10 a.m. local time.

Loudwire’s Dream Blink-182 setlist:

“Feeling this”
“First date”
“Aliens Exist”
“The Rock Show”
“How old am I again?”
“I miss you”
“Stay Together for the Kids”
“Man Overboard”
“Touchdown Boy”
“Going to College”
“Gary Dysentery”
“Anthem, Part Two”
“Adam’s Song”
“All the small things”


“Drum Solo”
“Family meeting”

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