Ostinato Pattern Wind Instrument


Kirk Hunter Studios has published Kinetic: wood movement engine which they describe as the most flexible ostinato patterned woodwinds in the world. Here are the details straight from the company…

• Various “short” samples applied to 4 sections of wood in ONE instrument
• Create sophisticated patterns with no music theory training required
• Smart motion engine for woods
• Bring movement to woodwinds with unparalleled ease
• Powerful and intuitive design
• Dynamic randomization with instant results
• A wind instrument like no other
• Playful, epic and cinematic
• Infinite results
• Instant woodwind rhythms

At the time of this publication, there is no other instrument that can allow you to play FOUR sections of short-sampled woodwind instruments (flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons) at the SAME TIME. But with Kinetic, you get the entire Woodwinds section in one instrument. This means you get a separate timeline for each section. Each timeline contains 64 note or rest events and can be divided into up to 4 “regions”. And you can have each timeline play a different pattern, whether you’re sustaining a single note or a chord!

Choose from 30 fun presets to play. And if you really want to go wild, you can choose one of the same 30 presets for each section separately. This means you could have the flutes playing the “Superman” preset, the oboes playing the “Terminator” preset, the clarinets playing the “Xmen” preset, and the bassoons playing the “Cap. America” ​​preset ALL AT THE SAME TIME! And of course, all or part of these models can be modified.

You can also load “perpetual motion” patterns which include very useful accents. These accents can be based on every 2, 3, 4 or 6 events. Additionally, you can define whether the accents are subtle, moderate or dynamic.

Kinetic Woodwinds contains 2 piccolos, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bass clarinets, 2 bassoons and 2 counter bassoons. And each note can be “tightened or widened”.

Recorded at First Presbyterian Church in Santa Monica, where renowned Los Angeles-based orchestras record and perform.


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