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If you’ve ever had the experience of walking into a music store and feeling “not cool enough”, try Open Channel (OC) Music in South Windsor – you won’t regret it.

Named to be open, accessible and friendly, the store is owned by David Taylor who has 20 years experience running music stores around Blacktown and Parramatta.

The friendly Englishman – who lives in Quakers Hill – is a specialist in school instruments and also sells instruments and accessories, and does repairs and sound installations.

He also makes a killer coffee and if you’re thinking of hitting the caffeine while you’re thinking about a purchase, ask Mr. Taylor to make you one.

He’s not looking to get rich – he doesn’t want to drive a Ferrari or rule the world. Mr. Taylor’s specialty is providing good honest service – with a smile – and building relationships with customers who will come back again and again.

“I want to be that single point of contact – whatever it is, we want to be able to sort it out for you,” Mr Taylor said.

If someone comes looking for a pick, or wants to spend thousands of dollars, I treat them the same. This is our philosophy and our atmosphere.

David Taylor

“A lot of music stores are dark, dull, overcrowded and judgmental – unless you’re spending $10,000, they don’t want to hear about you.

“It’s really important to me that here at OC Music we are open and friendly. No question is too silly. We are a hub for information as well as sales, and we want to be with you throughout the trip.

“If someone comes for a pick, or if they want to spend thousands of euros, I treat them the same way. That’s our philosophy and our vibe.”

Mr Taylor is a musician himself – he plays guitar and piano – and he shopped at River Music in Windsor at the time.

“I’m filling that void now,” he said. “My customers come from a radius of about 30 kilometers; a lot of people have also followed me since my last store. I get a lot of people from Pitt Town, Windsor, Maraylya and Richmond.

“Every music store has drums and guitars, but it’s about selling them what they want rather than what you want them to buy. It’s important to get them on the right track.”

Mr. Taylor has many parents who buy instruments for their children, and he is also a supplier to the Department of Education, selling recorders and other instruments to school bands.

“I go to teachers’ homes for free and give them free quotes. I travel to Villawood, Blacktown and Narrabeen,” Mr Taylor said.

He does a lot of in-house repairs, including drums, strings, brass and woodwinds.

“I don’t feel like I have a job,” he said. “That’s what I do: I’m a musician and a merchant, and it’s my passion for music that makes me successful.


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