Nikki Blonsky Reveals 20 Major Hairspray Secrets


5. Blonsky turned 18 while the film was being made, and the studio threw her a “beautiful” birthday party, during which “Zac took my cake away,” she revealed. “It was epic and definitely one of my most favorite nights of my life so far.”

6. Sure, Blonsky and Efron kissed onscreen as Tracy and Link, but it came as a surprise during a July 2007 appearance on Canada’s lots of music it really got people talking about the co-stars’ chemistry.

“We were just two teenagers having a lot of fun on a press tour,” Blonsky said with a laugh. “It’s definitely a moment I’ll never forget and the internet will never let us forget. We were best friends and he was my buddy. The fact that we had to kiss wasn’t the worst thing in the world! I felt like a lucky girl, that’s for sure.”

7. Blonsky revealed she didn’t have a passport and had only flown once before. hair sprayworld press tour. While traveling the world was “a blast,” the actress said, “it’s always about the people around you. I was blessed to have my mom and Zac. It was just an incredibly fun. I even laugh now at some of the crazy and interesting things that happen when you go around the world with Zac Efron!”

8. Blonsky then leaked a story about a hotel bartender who called his room at 5am asking for Efron’s phone number and room details so he could impress her girlfriends .

He was like, ‘This would really help me.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I know what this is going to help you achieve, mate. And guess what? This girl is not helping you. Good night ! recalls Blonsky. “And I hung up. I’m usually super nice, but when you’re on a press tour and on a plane for 26 hours and you finally get to the hotel, the last thing you want is the bartender waking you up to ask you the your buddy’s phone number and room number. . Yeah, like I’m just gonna give it to you!”


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