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Parabola West is back with new music with the album ‘Stars Will Light the Way’ which will be released on April 29th. Before that, she shares lead track ‘Hannah’, an ethereal tale of the thin veil between the physical and spiritual worlds, heightened by the use of the medieval hurdy-gurdy and the haunting Swedish folk instrument Nyckelharpa.
Parabola West is the artist personality of New Zealand-based American singer and songwriter Amy Tucker West. Drawing inspiration from Celtic and Nordic folk, as well as electronica, his organic sound is a lush soundscape of layered melodies and piano with a whimsical twist.

This is the Middle-earth soundtrack, mixed with elements of Loreena McKennitt and female-fronted synth pop/indietronica. Living completely off the grid in an eco-house atop a misty mountain, Parabola West is entirely self-funded and fan-funded as a 100% independent artist with no label affiliation.

“‘Hannah’ is a song that came to me very quickly. It started off as a very sparse arrangement, but there was this moody energy and creepy intensity around it. I had a strong image of this character Hannah in my head, and it was as close to being haunted as I’ve ever known,” says Amy Tucker West.

Originally from Springfield, MA (near Boston) and currently based in Raglan, New Zealand, Amy began writing songs on the piano as a teenager and, at 21, was recruited into the trip- London hop Dreamfield. With two critically acclaimed releases under their belt before splitting up in 2003, West moved to New Zealand, taking a 10-year hiatus from music to work in IT and engineering recruitment, returning to his musical roots in 2013 under the nickname Parabola West.

Parabola West released their debut album “Did You Hear?” EP in 2014, followed by her EP ‘Purity of Weakness’ in 2017. More recently, she also released the single ‘No One Can Get Me Here’ and its vibrant live-loving video.

The concept behind “Stars Will Light the Way” is a multi-sensory experience – a treat for your ears, eyes and energy. Each track was recorded at 432Hz to create healing frequencies in the soundscapes, and a visual character was created for each song to enhance the experience.

Amy Tucker West explains: “This album has been accumulating in me for a long time, and through a lot of different emotions. I didn’t realize it when I was writing the songs, but there is a theme that emerges from the night sky and tries to find your way in the darkness.”

Produced by Scott Newth (The Datsuns, System Corporation) at BLKHUS studio and co-produced by Andrew Newth, this album was mastered by Chris Chetland at KOG Studio.

On April 29, Parabola West “Stars Will Light the Way” will be released digitally everywhere, including Spotify and Apple Music. Fans can order a standalone CD or a deluxe CD set with a 48-page hardcover novelty book of lyrics and images, limited to 100 copies, for which she was transformed by an incredible team of creatives into a different character to represent each song. The download can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp. The CDs and the luxury package will be available exclusively at its Paraboland store.

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“No one can bring me here”

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