New York Musicians Own Oak Ridge Cafe



Jim Hynes and Anne Holland are talented New York musicians. Their latest business has a cafe in the Secret City.

OAK RIDGE, Tennessee – Bud’s Farmhouse Coffee has the perfect blend of caffeine and charisma. Musician owners in New York City keep the company in tune, working in perfect harmony.

With a step in the seven month old cafe, the smells, sounds, and the couple behind the counter are a welcome sight.

For Jim Hynes and Anne Holland, every coffee bean brewed and every froth of milk is music to their ears.

“It was a vision for us to always have a coffee someday,” said Holland.

The cafe opened on Valentine’s Day 2021. Like much of the world, the pandemic put this couple’s previous life on hiatus, but at the perfect time.

“It worked really well, because we’re both musicians in New York City. And on March 12 of last year, the business literally shut down,” Hynes said. “I remember performing on stage at the Beacon Theater with Dave Matthews on March 12, and the governor shut down town and everything got canceled.”

So, the couple decided to take advantage of this surprise vacation to grow the coffee Holland had always dreamed of.

“So in the last 18 months we’ve all been, we all hear New York musicians, have basically been out of work, so Anne pitched this idea of ​​maybe starting our cafe, maybe seven years older. sooner than we could have, normally, and the weather worked out, ”Hynes said.

You probably wouldn’t guess at first glance, but Holland is an esteemed opera singer and Hynes is a world famous trumpeter.

If you stay in the store long enough, you might hear Hynes turn on his brass. He trains every morning before the store opens.

You can also recognize the sound of Hynes from several TV themes, such as NBC’s Sunday Night Football, Price is Right, and Masterpiece Theater.

“Once people realize this is what I do for a living, then they say, ‘Oh, yeah, I heard that,’” Hynes said.

The sound around your favorite shows, Hynes probably played a part.

“I have the most themes on TV of any trumpeter in the country,” Hynes said.

He and Holland met through music too.

“She was the musical director of one of the biggest Catholic churches in New York City, and she hired me to play Easter, Christmas, weddings, all kinds of functions in her church,” Hynes said. “So I have worked for her for many, many years, and I guess I still work for her in some way in her cafe.”

Holland always knew she wanted to return to her hometown.

“It’s kind of a combination of everything, the people, the mountains, the four seasons, but the community, everyone knows everyone in the best sense of the word,” Holland said. “You are always proud to be Oak Ridge, and it has an international dimension.”

Hynes is happy to be in the Secret City with a slowed-down pace.

“It’s so different from New York in the best way,” Hynes said. “I actually found myself driving the speed limit for the first time in my life.”

The shop, named after Holland’s dad who worked in the National Lab, is a perfect blend of caffeine and charisma

“We have developed a slogan, ‘happiest place in Oak Ridge’, that makes us really happy to fulfill that kind of motto that we have,” said Holland. “We really love seeing people’s smiles come in. It’s not just about the coffee.”

Bud’s serves everything from coffee, pastries, chicken salad, yogurt and chocolate chip cookies. There is a wide assortment of flavors and choices that are produced and made locally.

The cafe has planned a jazz brunch on Sunday, October 17. Hynes will play the trumpet, along with other Knoxville musicians.

You can learn more about Hynes and his work by visiting his website, at



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