Neven Maguire: “At work, each conductor chooses a musical mix to play. Our chef is not the biggest fan of mine


Cavan-based chef Neven Maguire runs MacNean House and Restaurant and its eponymous cooking school. His new book More Midweek Meals (Gill Books) is now available.

BOOK: At the Tudor Hall

I always read cookbooks and I have a lot of them. Recently I read Tony Parkin at the Tudor Hall. Tony is a fantastic chef and has just joined Cliff House in Ardmore. I always read Food & Wine for many great recipes, and I read most of my newspapers on the phone these days. (Yes, I have the Independent app.)​

FILM: Schumacher

I watch a lot of netflix. I really enjoyed the [car racing] documentary Schumacher – very powerful, on his thirst for success.

And Roadrunner: a film about Antoine Bourdain, which I had watched over the years. A tragic story. And then there is Simply Raymond Blanc – a great series by a great teacher. I also looked Rotten, on corruption in the global food chain which was a real eye-opener.

Plus lots of football with my son Connor who is now 10 and a real fan. Man Utd are a favorite and it’s not just about Ronaldo. I would sit on the bench for that kind of money.

MUSIC: diving faces

I listen to Matt Cooper, Pat Kenny, Marty Whelan and Claire Byrne – usually by car, because I drive a lot. I love 90s dance music and I download playlists and record mixes on my phone. I recently bought an iRig and transferred a lot of my 25 year old vinyl to digital. I love the sound of vinyl.

At work, each of the chefs chooses a mixture to play during our preparation. Chef Carmel wouldn’t be the biggest fan of my blends. We all think ours are the best. My latest included liquid child by Diving Faces and million voices by Swedish DJ Otto Knows. And just to be clear, our customers are not subjected to any of this music…

CONCERT: Marty Whelan

I went to see ‘Marty in the Evening’ with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra at the NCH recently and really enjoyed it. I will be back for his next one. Then there is the World Cup and there will be some strange hours kept in our house. Too bad Ireland aren’t here, but it will be a celebration of football.


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