Naperville Winds Joins Plainfield East Wind Ensemble for December 9 Concert


The Naperville Winds, DuPage County’s newest concert group, performs their second concert at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 9 at the Wentz Concert Hall in Naperville.

Under the direction of Dr. Sean Kelley, the Naperville Winds present a powerful program of music rarely performed by local wind bands.

This corresponds to the group’s mission to present the best performances of the exceptional repertoire of concert orchestras. A special guest ensemble, the Plainfield East High School Wind Ensemble under the direction of David Lesniak and Jenna Wojdula, is also invited on stage.

The Naperville Wind program represents a diverse style of music that challenges both musician and listener. This music is not played often, in part because of its level of difficulty.

There are certainly a lot of notes, and the rhythms present a musical challenge for the whole.

Paul Hindemith composed his “Symphony in Bb” for harmony orchestra in 1951. It has the characteristic rhythmic format of Hindemith, but the ensemble is challenged to balance and lead the rhythms in a neoclassical musical style. Also on the program, the luscious rich harmonies of Morten Lauridsen’s “O Magnum Mysterium” (arranged by Reynolds), James Barnes’ “Symphonic Overture”, features beautiful melodies and features talented band members with featured solos.

For jazz lovers, there is the complicated “Riff Raff” by Ryan George. Jazz rhythms are swayed from instrument to instrument in an intricate pattern that is pure pleasure. The public will appreciate the finesse of the group’s musicality and the diversity of the musical selection.

The Plainfield East High School Wind Ensemble also stages an ambitious program, which includes: “Entry of the Gladiators” (“Thunder and Blazes March”), “Guiding Light” by Michael R. Oldham, a Plainfield East alum, and “Wassail”, the first movement of a Suite by Vaughan Williams.

Tickets are $ 10 to $ 15 and can be purchased from the group’s website at


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