Meshuggah Unveils Hot New Track “I Am That Thirst”


Meshuggah unveils a bubbling new track

Swedish metal titans Meshuggah have released a new single titled “I Am That Thirst”. The new track was released in support of the Swedish band’s upcoming album, Immutableslated for release April 1.

In the opening seconds of the song, it becomes immediately clear that Meshuggah intends to deliver nothing but the intense aggression they are known for, starting with massive sounding polyrhythmic riffs. Throughout the track, periods of vocalist Jens Kidman’s incessant growl are delivered to the listener, separated by equally heavy interludes of buzzing harmonic guitars played over the band’s riffs. This new single comes as a thrilling demonstration of the heaviness the Swedish giants have in store for their next album.

Listen to “I Am That Thirst” via YouTube below.

“I Am That Thirst” is the third single Meshuggah has released in support of the upcoming album. Earlier, the group released the singles “Light the Shortening Fuse” and “The Absymal Eye”, the latter of which received an official music video. leprp announced that the new album will feature the full-time return of guitarist Frederik Thordendal to the band, who has been involved in the band’s music since its founding in 1987.

Immutable will be Meshuggah’s ninth studio album, following their 2016 project The Violent Sleep of Reason. Meshuggah recently postponed their 2022 tour from earlier this year to September and October due to health concerns.



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