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A man in the city faces charges of burglary and corruption of minors after three minors he was to supervise broke into a concession stand of the Creek State Park, according to court documents.

Christopher Allen Balmer, 34, was arrested on Monday before the masterful district judge Paula M. Aigner for two charges of burglary, as well as an accusation of criminal intrusion, three accusations of crime of corruption of minors and a single offense of theft by illegal taking, concealment and possession of an instrument of crime. He was released on an unsecured bond of $75,000 and is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing Sept. 13 in front of Aigner.

According to court documents, the operator of “Jack’s Grub Shack” at the park reported on August 12 that the concession stand had been broken into on the night of August 11-12 and that it was going to post footage to its Facebook page to see if anyone could identify the people in the video of surveillance.

The operator said several people were seen entering the concession stand and a number of items were stolen, including a pair of DeWalt power drills, $100 of miscellaneous food items and around $400 in cash. of the register.

On August 13, police received a call from the father of one of the minors pictured in the message. The father brought his son to the Hollidaysburg State Police barracks where the boy told police that he, Balmer and two other minors had been to Canoe Creek State Park, and while they were there, they made a plan to break into the snack bar. All four went to a store in Williamsburg and then Altoona to get a crowbar from another miner, the youngster said. The four then returned to Canoe Creek, where two of the youngsters burst into the grandstand by smashing the front window. The boy said they then stole several foods and beverages as well as cash from the cash register. The boy said they went home and shared the sweets, according to the report.

Police questioned a second minor, who said the group went to the Williamsburg store but didn’t have enough money, so they went to get a lever to get into the concession stand. After entering the pit, the first and second miners found the cash register key and took the cash and coins from the cash register and from under the counter. The group then left Canoe Creek. After bringing two of the minors back to the house, the second minor said he told Balmer that they had forgotten the lever at Canoe Creek, so they returned to the park to get the lever and also took more Red Bulls and more of neighborhoods.

When questioned by an officer, Balmer, who called police when he saw the Facebook post and said he was fishing when the incident happened, said he took the three miners fishing at Canoe Creek, then to the store in Williamsburg, then to his home in Altoona to get his cigarettes. Balmer said the minors wanted to go to the beach and that he had gone fishing, declaring that when it was time to leave, the minors told him that they had found the bags of food and drinks and brought them back to the House. When the officer told Balmer he did not believe his account of events, Balmer reportedly admitted that he knew the miners broke into the compound, but did not tell anyone because he was afraid of getting into trouble.

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