LET’S TALK: My love list for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day means different things to different people at different times in their lives.

It may indeed be about the romantic love we and our lovers show each other – wide eyes, holding hands, love letters/cards, roses and teddy bears, chocolates, the rose petals…I’m gonna keep it clean.

Maybe it’s a depressing time…all about the school crush not knowing we’re alive. The roses, jewelry, and other treats we watch other girls get. Pretending we don’t care when no one invites us to dance, or chickening out about inviting that special someone to dance because we think we’ll be laughed at and denied.

It can be reaching out to show agape love for others…others who need a kind word, a listening ear, a helping hand.

And maybe it’s just our love of the little things, especially in an increasingly confusing world – things that haven’t changed over time and continue to bring us peace and joy.

After viewing V-Day through the first three lenses, I’ve come to appreciate the fourth. Especially after the last few years, with their volatility and their health, economic, political and societal upheavals.

Therefore, in the beautiful tradition of the “Things I’m Thankful For” column that I usually offer every Thanksgiving, the Talkmistress is launching the following list in honor of tomorrow, also known as Valentine’s Day. 2022.


◼️ TV commercials featuring babies…from the one with the babies doing the Downward Dog yoga pose and the worm dance, to the one with the baby actively chewing on his own foot. (My husband feels the same way. No matter what’s going on or who/what he might be screaming about on TV when the news comes in…if an ad featuring a baby breaks in, his screams turn into cooing.)

◼️ “Amazing Grace” played on bagpipes (although funerals are the usual occasions this song is played on this instrument).

◼️ Watch the occasional flock of graceful geese fly in formation in front of our condo balcony.

◼️ Catalogs of gadgets, especially those with health aids for the elderly…things that solve, or at least alleviate, the problems we thought we’d just have to suffer from. A tilting disc for dentures? Long handled lotion applicator? Gel thumb support? Oh man, a “Pill Popper” (which helps pop pills out of annoying wafers easily)? Bring them!

◼️ Look at other people’s family photos. Not just the “awkward ones” that once appeared in countless humorous emails and still appear on countless humorous websites. Wedding, prom and other special occasion photos are favorites.

◼️ Pop packing bubbles (always!). But I promise to leave alone before I start.

◼️ Living house and balcony plants. Especially after two summers spent spending a lot of money on several who didn’t have any.

◼️ Warm and friendly service people (catering workers, store checkers, etc.) who are genuinely warm and friendly…despite some audiences they’ve been dealing with lately.

◼️ Buy new duvet sets for the bed – although I realize they won’t stay as pictured as I tend to favor the fancier ones which last the longest in guest bedrooms or one-person households.

◼️ Romantic shows and movies where the couple don’t end up in the bag together immediately after their first kiss.

◼️ Documentaries. In my youth, I moaned when I saw them coming. Now, I find them a fascinating mode of self-education…or, realizing that some aren’t exactly paragons of objectivity, at least food for thought.

◼️ Crazy/silly songs. By Ray Stevens”https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2022/feb/13/my-list-of-loves-this-valentines/”The Streak” and Johnny Cash’s “One Piece at a Time” at Joe’s “Skinny Legs and All” by Tex to completely absurd “Fish Heads” by Barnes & Barnes to “Rubber Biscuit” by The Chips and later the Blues Brothers… I love songs that make me laugh. of those ditties about the syndicated “Dr. Demento” in adolescence.

◼️ Ridiculously bad movies, especially old sci-fi movies that are so bad they’re unintentionally funny. And yes, I must add “Plan 9 From Outer Space” to the old DVD collection.

◼️ Any music that creates a soft vibe, especially music that keeps me soft when I’m doing something stressful, like yeah…driving. Thank you, purveyors of smooth-jazz. Especially you, Paul Hardcastle.

◼️ Learning new things, at least to some extent. New words to add to the vocabulary? Oh yes. The new technology that appears seemingly every day? Look, I never even learned to program my VCR.

◼️ TV shows “married couples renovating homes”, despite occasional stumbles and scandals.

◼️ The search for common ground in the midst of the seemingly most impossible conflict.

Let’s Talk will be “going fishing” for the next two Sundays. In the meantime, I love receiving this email: hwilliams@adgnewsroom.com


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