Legowelt introduces its collection of inexpensive ‘thrift store’ vintage synths


The Dutch producer Legowelt is well known for being an equipment enthusiast and synth nerd of the highest order. Our own Future Music Magazine took a memorable visit from his studio in 2014, but it seems his collection has grown since then.

In a new video from Thomann (opens in a new tab), Legowelt takes us on a guided tour of its extensive collection of synths, highlighting some lesser-known and inexpensive instruments that sound delightfully nostalgic. The producer talks about the instruments that shaped the soundtrack of his upcoming animated feature, Ambient Travel Commander.

“I use a lot of homemade keyboards from the 80s,” he says, showing us the JVC KB-700, a vintage keyboard with a rudimentary mono synth built in. Next, he shows off the Yamaha PSS-480, a 2-a FM synthesizer that shares a chip with 90s PC sound cards, giving it a curious sound reminiscent of retro RPG games.

Elsewhere in the studio tour, Legowelt singles out his Microstation, a small early 2000s instrument from Korg that he describes as one of his favorite synthesizers. “It’s basically a micro version of the Korg Triton,” he tells us. “He can do these incredibly cool Rhodes-style pianos that you can program really crazy, with amp simulations and filters.”

Later in the video, Legowelt introduces us to more contemporary synths – including a Sequential Oberheim OB-6 and the modern Prophet-5 – and a ton of vintage rackmount hardware. We don’t need to say more – dive in.

Legowelt’s Ambient Trip Commander is now available. (opens in a new tab)


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