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Icons, it’s the first weekend of May, which means the celebrities of the day are currently heading to New York to get fitted with awesome Gilded Glamor badges so they can enter the Met Gala and we can whistle or start the looks they’re wearing on social media. It’s tradition! Before that, though, we’ve got a whole host of fashion goodies to salivate over ahead of Monday. There are new collections from it-girl brand KNWLS and Victoria Beckham, a fun new football and fashion magazine from iD alumni and a photo book that celebrates the legacy of a Ralph Lauren staple. Of course, we also have a host of fun collaborations and links plus a toast to the winner of the prestigious Woolmark Prize. Here’s what’s trending!

Image courtesy of Longchamp.

Graffiti artist André Saraiva is emoji-fying Longchamp bags

Perhaps it was also a collaboration written in the stars, because when Longchamp moved into one of their very first showrooms in Paris, on the back of the door was the spray-painted face of M. A, the pretty smiley pattern that preceded tenant, graffiti artist André Saraiva, is famous for. Now, several years later, the French leather goods brand has recruited André to remix some of its bags, including its foldable piece, Le Pliage. 200 branded handhelds in recycled polyester canvas and a variety of bold tones will have their own unique Mr. A customization, perhaps cheekily with his tongue, happily in love or smiling contentedly. After launching online earlier this week, why not pick up a few and take them with you to express your current mood at all times. Can we get one that voices, like, a hot main character in their bimbo era? XL

Elgar Johnson’s new magazine hits hard

It’s no secret that the intersection of sport and fashion has been white-hot lately, with some of the world’s most famous athletes hitting magazine covers (hello, Phil Foden!) and winning. lucrative brand ambassadors. Until now, however, there had been no publication explicitly addressing this cultural crossover. Well come in circle zero eighta new print magazine run by the former QG Associate Style Editor and Fashion Director – and former iD TKTK – Elgar Johson. Founded with the intention of “[spotlighting] the unique power of sport to thrill and entertain as well as overcome prejudice, intolerance and discrimination,” reads a statement, the first issue – titled “FRESH” – conveys this message through fashion imagery. powerful. For circle zero eightfor the inaugural book of , Elgar selected three prominent sportsmen of the day who he believed spoke to the magazine’s core values. West Ham midfielder Declan Rice – a person who “exudes brilliance, talent and professionalism” and “one of the most exciting footballers in world football”, says Elgar – was shot down at Prada. Sprinter Annie Jill Tagoe brings “incredible energy and beauty” to her image series. Next, 9-time gold medalist Carl Lewis, “arguably the greatest living Olympian,” Elgar says, is featured on the final cover. “The impact Carl had on me growing up was immense,” he continues. “Seeing him break records, dominate, run faster and jump further than anyone else made me want to get up and do the same.” Although sports people may be at the center of the problem, rest assured that you don’t have to be a sports fan to engage and enjoy it. More than anything, it’s a magazine that “joins the dots to see how sport intersects with so many things”, and demonstrates what a powerful cultural tool it is. Now go ahead and grab a copy! MRS


Image courtesy of Michael Kors.

Game, set, match! Michael Kors x Ellesse serves tennis but makes it fashionable

We love a tennis aesthetic. Will you ever catch us on a court? Absolutely not, but we’ll happily put summery tennis whites, sneakers and a headband on our foreheads like we’ll do anything but sit and eat strawberries in the crowd and maybe cheer periodically to give the impression that we are absorbed in the game. Here to add to your sports wardrobe for this very activity is the collaboration of Michael Kors with Ellesse. The 24-piece ’70s-style athleisure collection features track jackets and pants, chunky sneakers, slides, swimwear, bucket hats, shorts and more, which are then upgraded with a badge hybrid of the logos of the two brands. Fashion photographer Lachlan Bailey then captures the pieces as they adorn the bodies of Emily Ratajakowski, rapper Jay Critch and their team of models and musicians in sunny Miami in a series of playful campaign photos. With the collection releasing in May, keep an eye out at Michael Kors stores and online for when it drops. XL

The AW22 from KNWLS is here – and it’s just precious!

Ok, we know fashion month is long past, and your ability to take on another The new collection is probably quite stretched, but this one deserves some attention. KNWLS – the hip London label adored by modern-day femme fatales like Bella Hadid, Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa – has released ‘Precious’, a best-selling AW22 collection showcased through one of the best digital presentations that we have seen in some time. Seen in a film directed by Jordan Hemingway – which nods to the cinematic grunge of old Nine Inch Nails music videos, vintage horrors and the original ghost in the shell anime – KNWLS’ latest collection oscillates between soft cat-eared hats, plush sea anemone knits and gradient brushed mohair knits. Then there’s the no-fuck-given edge of an abraded leather bodice jacket worthy of a final fantasy heroine, chunky pastel sheepskin and studded platform soles. As always, lingerie and corset detailing serve as architecture for body-conscious silhouettes, along with an abundance of knitted pieces – from the brand’s signature leggings in trippy, bleached prints to frayed mini dresses. This season also sees the return of collaborations with Parisian jeweler du jour Marco Panonesi on heathered serpentine earrings, and sunglasses maker Andy Wolf, who is responsible for the collection’s distinctive mirror-finish sunglasses. – an instant must-have! If you are looking for clothes for authentic it-girls, then these, my dears, are this. MRS

Spice up your wardrobe with VB Body

If you want to be a style icon, you really should follow Victoria Beckham’s style. The fashion designer has not only been a mainstay of womenswear for three decades, she herself has a range of iconic outfits. But now Victoria is launching a new permanent shapewear capsule collection called VB Body. The new collection consists of seven different silhouettes for different women and different needs, but all return to the original VB aesthetic of sensual femininity. The great thing about each piece in the monotonous minimal collection, however, is that they work like underwear while still looking great on display. From a one-sleeved bodysuit with low legs and a strappy boxy bra top, to a svelte cut-out mini dress and a string bikini, each item is available in neutral tones of black, white, blush and chocolate brown, alongside bright colors and sultry burnt red offerings. Currently available in stores and online, go check it all out now and channel your inner chic spice. XL


Image courtesy of Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren’s New Book Celebrates Polo’s Cultural Impact

Whether adorning Tom Cruise in Risky business (1983), Leo DiCaprio in The wolf of Wall Street (2013) or – and above all – Timothée Chalamet in call me by your name (2017), there is a simple sexuality in polo. Maybe it’s because of the sporty ’80s aesthetic and its preppy boarding school vibes that are then boosted with a heavy dose of zaddy energy. Commemoration of Clothing is a new photobook from Rizzoli and Ralph Lauren, the latter an iconic polo pioneer, that explores its cultural impact, American heritage and historical power as a “canvas for self-expression.” The book, now available for sale online, also contains famous and rare photos of stars, politicians and models wearing the garment. Our personal favorites are Harry Styles and Niall Horan from the early One Direction era in skin-tight polo shirts, Gigi Hadid matching an orange to her leather maxi skirt and a young Kanye discussing the impact the garment had on him. It’s a pretty impressive legacy. XL

MM6 x Eastpak has arrived

If you’re in the market for a dripping collab, look no further than the latest tie-in between MM6 Maison Margiela and Eastpak – and we mean it literally. For the latest iteration of the collaboration between the French Maison and the American accessories brand – responsible for that iconic backpack – a selection of Eastpak’s most iconic shapes have been given a typically surreal makeover by MM6. The Pak’r backpack has been angled to look like it’s melting, while the Crew wallet has been inflated to the size of a full bag, and MM6’s triangular Japanese bag has been reimagined in colorways and Eastpak brand canvas. MRS

And the 2022 Woolmark Prize winner is…

We all like to see a good guy win, don’t we? Well, if you were following the Woolmark 2022 price, you’ll know that’s exactly the result we got. In a year with a list of finalists who were all deserving winners in their own right – Ahluwalia, Peter Do, Rui, Saul Nash, Jordan Dalah, Mmusomaxwell and Egonlab – London-based Saul Nash has been announced as the winner of the big this year’s award, with Johannesburg-based Mmusomaxwell winning the Karl Lagerfeld Prize for Innovation. Pocketing AUD$200,000 and AUD$100,000 respectively, the designers were praised for their innovations in working with merino. Saul in particular was praised for working with fabric in a way that facilitated active movement – a trademark he has honed since establishing his brand at TKTK. Congratulations to you both ! MRS

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