Kate Middleton and Prince William’s nanny has 1 unexpected skill that could save children’s lives


Kate Middleton and Prince William are working parents, but they also have a nanny who helps their household. However, the Cambridges do not hire just anyone to babysit their children. Their nanny has been trained in many different skills, including an unexpected one that could save lives.

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The Cambridges nanny attended a famous nanny school

Kate and William’s nanny is Maria Borrallo. The couple hired her right after the birth of their eldest son, Prince George. Borrallo is from Spain, but she trained as a nanny in England.

Borrallo attended Norland College in Bath. The school opened in 1892 and has since grown into a famous institution for the development of nannies. Norland aims to teach students the skills necessary to care for children. website, Norland offers courses in topics such as cooking, sewing, child development and ethics.

Good Housekeeping also shares that Norland nannies know how to be resourceful. For example, in school, they learned “how to turn a worn out toilet roll tube into a musical instrument, how to throw the perfect teddy bear picnic, and the art of throwing a teddy bear party.” themed birthday, especially by making a fancy cake.

Maria Borrallo has 1 unique skill that could save lives

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Kate and William aren’t the only wealthy and influential people who have Norland nannies. These nannies are coveted upper class employees. As such, Norland also teaches skills related to safety and security.

“Nannies learn everything from defensive driving and safety issues to how to care for a future king or queen,” Royal commentator Victoria Murphy once explained. ABC News.

On the Norland website, the school explains what students can expect in a module called “Child Safeguarding and Protection”.

“This module examines professional and legal responsibilities in terms of safeguarding and protecting children and young people,” the site reads. “Students are encouraged to identify strategies that may have an impact on inter-professional policies and procedures relating to safeguard and protection. “

Kate and William are raising the heir and spare parts of the monarchy, so it makes sense that Borrallo knows how to protect them.

Maria Borrallo also follows 1 “old-fashioned” rule with the Cambridge children

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Norland has incorporated modern elements into its curriculum, such as a diversity course. However, it still encourages nannies like Borrallo to follow certain “old-fashioned” rules.

According to Heren, Norland’s nannies favor outdoor play. She said The sun, “There will be lots and lots of outdoor games, that’s the only thing Norland can be said to be old-fashioned. Full of fresh air. Lots of bike rides, playing with their dogs, possibly gardening. Norland is very fond of teaching children through play.

Heren shared that even when the weather is less than ideal, time spent outdoors is still important.

“If he rocks it, they’ll come out anyway,” Heren said. “Wet weather is just the wrong clothes, you have to put on the right clothes.”

Fortunately for the children of Cambridge, there is no shortage of outdoor spaces for them. Their primary residence is Kensington Palace which has a huge garden for them to enjoy. Additionally, the Cambridges have a country house called Anmer Hall, which they visit on weekends and holidays.


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