Jesy Nelson is inspired by the music of pizzas and smoothies!


jessy nelson knows how to get his creative juices flowing.

Pizza, shoe shopping and smoothies are the combination to make music magic happen in the recording studio.

The British singer is currently in America working on the rest of her debut album as a solo artist. She released her EP, “Boyz,” earlier this year and it was a disaster.

Jesy Nelson is ready for an overhaul of her solo career

However, Jesy has clearly picked herself up by the shoelaces and is moving forward.

The pop singer took to her Instagram Story on Sunday, July 17, to show fans what she’s been up to in the United States.

Here’s how Jesy prepares to make new music

Jesy started her day with a smoothie, followed by a shopping spree at Sneaker Hound for two pairs of sneakers from clothing brand A Bathing Ape.

She bought a pink and blue pair of the same Bathing Ape sneakers and called them “My new babies 😍”.

the old small mixture The MP ended her day with a pizza night.

“That’s why I’m getting so fat…mmmm…three more chins tonight, yeahhh,” she sang as she flipped through boxes of pizza and ranch.

As previously reported, the singer is hard at work on her debut solo album after a lackluster release of her first-ever solo EP “Boyz.”

The British singer has been accused of “Blackfishing” by making her skin darker, her voice sounding different and wearing dreadlocks.

After releasing it earlier this year, Jesy stopped making music, but she’s BACK.

On June 30, the former Little Mix member posted a photo of herself in a recording studio with the caption, “We back We back.”

Jesy then posted a video of herself entering the recording booth.

Jesy is back in the cabin

Sounding a bit apprehensive, she sang “Return to the dreaded pit,” before letting out a fake scream.

Jesy also let it be known that she is smarter than a lot of people given that she is left handed.

“I’m just doing my homework guys and yeah if you didn’t know I’m left handed which means we’re smarter,” she said in effect.

The singer recently shared a gorgeous photo of herself in a red bikini, but it was the caption she wrote with it that got a lot of attention.

The cryptic message read: “You never miss a good thing until it leaves you…”

Jesy mysteriously deleted the caption a few minutes after uploading, which tells me she may have regretted using the caption. Maybe that was a bit too sharp and rough on someone?

The caption could have been a message intended for her ex-boyfriend Harry James who she broke up with in April.

Jesy was the first to unfollow Harry and he followed suit.

The breakup also preceded Jesy’s relaunch of her solo career.

He was the sole editor of his music video for “Boyz” and well, we’ve all seen how that turned out.

It is reported that she cut ties with him shortly after the release because he nearly derailed her solo career.

According to the statements reported by Daily Mail, she “cut ties with her on-and-off boyfriend Harry James in a ‘drastic’ attempt to keep her solo career afloat, along with the rest of her team.”

Jesy Nelson with curly hair
Jesy Nelson / Instagram

Jesy and Harry reportedly reignited their relationship in September 2021 after the 2017 breakup.

When her music video for “Boyz” was released, Jesy was accused of “black fishing.” He was credited as the sole editor of his “Boyz” music video.

A source said The sun, “It may sound wild but it’s business. In the end, this video almost derailed his chances of a solo career. Changes needed to be made and this was one of them. Due to their history, it was decided that a division of labor was necessary.

Jesy embarked on a solo career after leaving Little Mix abruptly in December 2019. At the time of her departure from the girl group made famous by ‘The X Factor UK’, Jesy cited mental health issues.


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