Independence Day Pakistani musician Rabab Siyal Khan plays Jana Gana Mana as a gift for his Indian viewers


New Delhi: Wishes poured in from around the world as India marked the 76th Independence Day on Monday. A special tribute came from Pakistan by a professional rabab player, who tweeted a video of him playing the national anthem, “Jana Gan Mana”, on August 14.

Sitting in a scenic spot, Siyal Khan plays the national anthem on his rabab – a lute-like stringed instrument – which is a popular musical instrument in many places like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir. He shared the video on his Youtube and Twitter account presenting it as “a gift to his viewers across the border”.

The video has garnered over 600,000 views, 37,000 likes and over 1,100 comments on Twitter, at the time of writing, with many thanking him for his tribute.

The musician had also posted a video of him playing Pakistan’s national anthem earlier. He often covers Indian film industry music such as “Kal Ho Na Ho”, “Mere Haath Mein” from the movie “Fanaa” and “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” from the 1972 movie “Shor”.

The Rabab musical instrument is believed to originate from Afghanistan and is the country’s national instrument.


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