InClassica – the largest musical observatory in the world


The InClassica International Music Festival is described as the largest music observatory in the world. It attracts some of the brightest musicians from around the world to captivate existing fans and reach new audiences. This year it was held in Dubai and featured a group of talented and renowned musicians.

Armstrong pencil case, the famous pianist and composer, participated and found the experience rewarding. It was also his first time in Dubai. He described being on stage and communicating music in his imagination as “the most rewarding thing” he had ever found to do.

But for Armstrong, the most important thing about music is sharing it with people all over the world. “Music is something that only happens when you have two sides, you have someone making the music and someone receiving the music. It’s not some kind of art that can stand up for itself. So it’s really about people. ” he explains

InClassica aims to bring together established, world-renowned musicians alongside young talent in an accessible and collaborative way. One of the highlights of this year was a much sought after 20-year-old Swedish violinist called Daniel Lozakovich.

For Lozakovich, “live performances can make people think and feel differently.” They are sources of inspiration. He even believes that if people are willing to listen, live music “can be a great experience that they will remember, maybe for the rest of their lives.”

At the closing concert of the Grand Final, Lozakovich performed the Concerto for violin and orchestra in B minor by Alexey shor, the festival’s composer in residence. He enjoys Shor’s “beautifully melodic” music and great “lyrical passages and melodies”.

For Shor, it was an incredible opportunity to hear his music performed by some of the biggest stars and orchestras in the world.

The InClassica International Music Festival is organized by the European Cultural Support Foundation and celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Hosted through the Dubai Opera and Coca-Cola Arena, the festival attracts some of the industry’s greatest musicians and talents, many of whom wish to perform in front of new audiences.

One of these musicians is Maxime Vengerov, violinist, conductor and music teacher. He chose the violin as his favorite instrument instead of the cello or the piano, for example, because as he says: “the violin is next to your heart”.

He describes the instrument as “an extension of the body”, “the bow an extension of the arm”. The violin reminds him of a human voice that he feels he can imitate.

After wowing audiences in Dubai and elsewhere with 37 soloists, 12 conductors and seven orchestras, the 10th edition of this festival ended in style.


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