IKEA unveils a record player designed with the Swedish mafia


You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re back in the 80s. There’s an oil crisis. People aren’t too thrilled with Russia. Top Gun: Maverick takes the box office by storm. Kate Bush is mapping. And vinyl record sales soared 61%, crossing the $1 billion mark for the first time in 35 years. The latter sets the stage perfectly for the IKEA x Swedish House Mafia OBEGRÄNSAD record player.

Unveiled as part of IKEA’s largest home collection OBEGRÄNSAD in Milan (“OBEGRÄNSAD” meaning “unlimited” in Swedish), this soon-to-be-released record player celebrates the timeless joys of listening to vinyl. Complete with the Scandinavian conglomerate’s signature minimalist form factor, well-thought-out features and an extremely reasonable price.

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“I remember Axwell saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you could give a record player to a friend?’… and it became kind of a briefing,” IKEA designer Friso Wiersma explained.

“To make something so simple, so accessible, and kind of plug-and-play that you could basically buy it as a gift for anyone who loves music.”

Currently, not much is known about the features of the IKEA x Swedish House Mafia record player beyond support for Bluetooth speakers, built-in preamplifier, USB port, RCA ports, needle and a replaceable cartridge. But on the merits of ease of use, impressive looks, and affordability…we feel another top-selling winner.

IKEA Swedish House Mafia record player OBEGRANSAD

“Everything with Swedish House Mafia is a very conscious statement. I really like this approach. Music is also a big part of my life. I would also like to emphasize this in my interior.

“Today you see a lot of thin record players that are almost trying to hide themselves, but we wanted something very bold, and we wanted the record player to be a very physical manifestation of music,” Wiersma added. .

“The solid, chunky design gives the player a presence in the room. It conveys the physicality of the music in the collection, making it really claim space with the attitude of the music woven into it – rather than making it melt.

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IKEA Swedish House Mafia record player OBEGRANSAD

“Before we met Swedish House Mafia, we decided not to get into electronics too much, because of the challenges it poses,” said Carmen Stoicescu, IKEA product design engineer.

“But then one of the guys in the band started talking about making a record player, and all of a sudden I forgot everything we had discussed.”

“In the previous project, we tried to give all the pieces a specific design, but with OBEGRÄNSAD, we tried to limit the moulds. We wanted to make it simple, mechanical – so we looked for what sounds best, and put all our eggs in that basket.

“I never thought I would work with the production of a record player. But I will be the first buyer of this one.

IKEA Swedish House Mafia Record Player OBEGRANSAD - desk

Other items you can expect to find in IKEA’s upcoming OBEGRÄNSAD home collection include a desk specifically designed for music production – speaker stands, a pull-out shelf for MIDI keyboards, more controllers, etc. – an armchair with adjustable straps specially designed for enjoying music, plus 20 other pieces that have not yet been announced.

The IKEA x Swedish House Mafia OBEGRÄNSAD record player is scheduled to launch in fall 2022 (price TBD). This is IKEA’s first record player since its first collection of music equipment in 1973.


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