IKEA chooses Austin suburbs for the first stop of the global 9-city festival


IKEA, the Swedish furniture retailer known for its sometimes difficult-to-assemble furniture, is hosting a global festival this year that will make its first stop in the Austin area.

On August 26, the IKEA store in Round Rock will host the first event as part of the nine cities IKEA Party. The festival, which ends on September 10, “celebrates the real creativity and inventiveness of people at home,” the company explains.

The nine cities will host activities related to food, sports, games, music, dance, nature, fashion and beauty, arts and crafts, collecting, welfare and pets.

The Round Rock festivities “will inspire upcoming music artists to transform their space using IKEA, and give attendees the best tips and tricks on how to create a living space to co-create music, how to celebrate and make room for instruments and keepsakes, and an open-air disco showcasing how you can turn your living space into a dance floor for neighbors and friends,” IKEA says.

Lemya Osman, IKEA’s U.S. Home Furnishings Leader, says the Austin area is a great place to shine a light on the festival’s focus on music and dance.

“Our vision for the IKEA Festival is to showcase the creativity and inventiveness of people from various iconic locations around the world,” Osman said.

Round Rock and Brooklyn, New York are the festival’s two American hosts. The other host cities are Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Shanghai, Stockholm, Sydney and Tokyo.

“We recognize that life at home has taken on a whole new meaning for each of us over the past two years. We launched the IKEA Festival in 2021 as a way to provide a new experience to celebrate, connect and engage around home life,” says Osman. “It’s a way for us to be virtually connected and to open the door to many other lives around the world – exploring how we all live, while celebrating individuality and creativity.”


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