IKEA Canada sells limited-edition furniture designed with the Swedish mafia


Swedish home furnishings meet the Swedish House Mafia in the new furniture collection from IKEA Canada. The limited-edition line designed with the electronic music group offers affordable pieces to spruce up a home studio that are versatile enough to decorate a bedroom or living room as well.

The OBEGRÄNSAD line is primarily aimed at DJs and music producers looking for a desk or shelf that maximizes space for speakers or a collection of vinyl records. People looking for DJ booths on a budget no longer need Frankenstein this kind of custom furniture together from several IKEA units.

“During the pandemic, we also started to see people streaming DJ sets live from their homes and studios using KALLAX as a stage. And we thought there was a fun opportunity to do a little update. day of an emblematic product for a collaboration around manufacturing and listening”. to the music,'” said IKEA creative manager James Futcher on the OBEGRÄNSAD collaboration with Swedish House Mafia.

Someone stands in front of a shelf with a collection of records and music equipment.Courtesy of IKEA Canada.

A standout piece from the collection is the Limited Edition Shelf which retails for $249. It is a remix of the popular square shelf KALLAX cabinet with an additional rectangular shelf at the top.

In the past, DJs have added legs to the KALLAX two-by-four unit, making it taller so they won’t hurt their backs when bending over to use a record player or other musical equipment placed on the top. But having the added top shelf in the upgraded OBEGRÄNSAD keeps the weight of up to 50 heavy discs spread across the whole unit (instead of a handful of feet), making it more stable.

Another sleek shelf in the collection, designed to hold a record player and a more compact vinyl collection, costs $129.

“I think it’s really nice in the digital age to go back to something so physical,” Futcher said of the line’s focus on retro musical gear.

“We’ve created pieces that we wish we had existed when we were building our own vinyl stands,” added Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia.

The collection also includes sound deadening mats, unique lighting and additional speaker stands for existing units.

You can “turn the lights back on,” as the Swedish House Mafia song says, with the OBEGRÄNSAD LED wall light ($139). It has five different “lighting programs”, so you can light up a favorite light show or automatically cycle through multiple parameters to animate your wall.

“Each piece in the collection can be part of someone’s creative journey, whether you’re a musician, gamer, graphic designer, or anyone,” Ingrosso said.

“There’s a lot in there to accommodate anyone who appreciates music.”

You can consult the complete collection here.


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