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The party capital of the world, Ibiza has earned its reputation for being exactly that.

From Monday to Sunday in the summer, day and night, there are many parties taking place at any time. The choice is unmatched. You won’t find this concentration of parties anywhere else.

With so many options, it can be a little difficult to decide where to go, especially for newcomers.

The secret, whether you’re new or a seasoned veteran, is to choose the nights when you are most likely to enjoy the music.

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled how-to guides on all the different types of music you can find here. There is a little something for everyone.

Our genre series will be help you identify the parties and clubs best suited to your tastes.

house music

Accommodation is by far the most common genre of music on the island. The sun and the house go hand in hand. To put it mildly – they are a match made in heaven! Ever since legendary DJ Alfredo imported records from the USA to play during his sets at Amnesia in the 80s, Ibiza has taken house music to heart.

We’re sure you know the songs by names like MK, Duke Dumont and Meduza. Well, that’s house music (at least in its broadest terms, entry-level appeal. And that’s a good place to start!) READ MORE


tech generally shares the same 4/4 rhythm as House, but the two styles differ. Swap the kick drums for kick drums and you’re part of it. Techno is darker, faster and arguably more refined than house. It’s a lot about attitude and, arguably, a bit higher concept.

The Techno found in Ibiza is largely filtered through a Balearic lens. It’s quite progressive in sound, rarely over 134 bpm and mixed with a lot of Deep and Tech House. It wouldn’t be unusual to hear even a little Trance thrown into the mix. READ MORE

house of technology

house of technology is a subgenre of House, which borrows elements from Techno – a hybrid at its core. And a very popular one at that. if there was one dominant strain of House over the past decade, then it would be Tech. This is as true in Ibiza as in most cities in the world.

Compared to pure House music, uplifting components, such as piano riffs, are removed, leaving Tech more steely, perhaps even moody. READ MORE

deep house

deep house is silky. It features softer pads, spacious percussion and more muted bass lines, which tend to roll – there are fewer “drops”, making it a less aggressive form of House. This distinction might lead some to see Deep House as a more organic sound, but don’t get me wrong. At the right party, with the right DJ and the right crowd, Deep House can always rock the dance floor. READ MORE


Minimal is less a genre, more a production technique. So you can have Minimal House or Minimal Techno. The concept is to remove the canals to leave the bones bare. Modest musical elements are left as the essential backbone, where almost all auxiliary organs are removed.

With less work, Minimal tracks need a certain “something” to hook the listener. Pieces must maximize the potential of its limited components. READ MORE


GED (standing for Electronic Dance Music) is an Americanism, a catch-all term for everything related to dance music, be it big room House, Dubstep, Trance or Moombahton.

It’s what could be described as mainstream dance music or commercial dance music – what you’ll hear on the charts and on the main stages of festivals. It’s basically anything with a beat you can dance to, where your parents might recognize the names of some of the DJs – but they’ll probably hate it! Think Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia and co. READ MORE


Garage is a genre of dance music that thrived on pirate radio culture, becoming part of the soundscape of London, but has since found its way to sunny holiday destinations across Europe, including Ibiza .

While Garage may have the same signature 4/4 sound found in House and other forms of dance music, it differentiates itself by often skipping a beat, hence the term “2-step “. Add some ragga grunts, soulstress vocals and dub sirens and you have pure UKG. READ MORE


Reggaeton is the Spanish-language musical genre whose Latin rhythms will invade your hips and whose catchy, infuriating lyrics won’t leave your head.

Hailing from the modest neighborhoods of Puerto Rico and Panama, this underground Latin genre was born in the 90s from the fusion of Jamaican reggae with American hip-hop and accompanied by a dembow rhythm. Even those who do not necessarily know Reggaeton, will surely know the associated dance movement twerking‘. READ MORE

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This article is part of our Ibiza Virgins guides, full of information on how to get the most out of your time in Ibiza. Check them.

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