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At the 2022 Ontario Library Association conference, one of the features was a podcast asking the question, “What makes us happy this week?” We had the idea of ​​asking the same question of the staff of the Library and Public Archives of Prince Edward County.

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One thing that pleases me is the return of regular groups to the library. The Scrabble group that meets twice a week at the Picton branch on Tuesdays and Fridays is back. New members are welcome! It’s wonderful to hear snippets of conversation about Scrabble language, spelling and strategy, and to see our regulars coming back for the band.

Michele Gardner, who selects books for people who receive home delivery, said: “I’m always thrilled when I get a note from a reader that I’ve found the right book for them, or when someone one continues to read more by one the author that I suggested.

“At the Archives, what never fails to make me happy is the ‘a-ha’ moment when I’m able to solve a mystery or answer a question for a researcher. Seeing someone’s face light up when I can uncover a long-hidden detail is incomparable! said Krista Richardson, archivist.

When I asked Gisa Iannaci, who works at the Ameliasburgh and Consecon branches, she was eager to say how exciting it is to see everyone back at the library and how busy her two branches are. . “The return of programs like book club, mah-jongg and community events including the Ameliasburgh Fair makes me really happy this week! The Al Purdy A-Frame Writer-in-Resident Hannah Rahimi Poetry Project has engaged many patrons of our library to add a single line of poetry to a collaborative project and I have been thrilled to see people participate.

Jenn Kingma coordinates interlibrary loan. “When I hear someone say that we were able to find them an obscure book or help them take a course, it always brightens my day. There are people who read books in foreign languages ​​and know that they can continue to read through interlibrary loan services is encouraging.

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Aaron Nash, who coordinates the library’s musical instrument loan program, is always happy when new instruments are added to the collection. This week saw the donation of a ‘pBone’ paper clip. He describes that “the pBone is much lighter than traditional brass trombones, making it ideal for beginners. They can develop good technique and good posture without their arms getting tired as quickly, enjoy playing longer and progress faster! and encourages anyone interested in borrowing it to contact him at anash@pelibrary.org.

CEO Barbara Sweet said, “I am thrilled with the progress of the Picton branch expansion every time I look out the window at construction and imagine all the learning, meeting and bonding that will occur. in the new space. I appreciate all the donations that have helped us cross the fundraising finish line.

To learn more about the library expansion, visit pelibrary.org or go to the library.


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