Guitar Pickguard adds MIDI capabilities


For a standard used since the 1980s, MIDI is still today one of the most dominant forces in the music scene. It is fast, flexible, and offers an industry-wide standard on many types of electronic instruments. Even things that are not instruments can be turned into musical devices like the infamous banana keyboard via MIDI magic, and this also allows standard instruments to be augmented with other capabilities. like this guitar with a MIDI interface integrated into the pick guard.

[Ezra] is the creator of this unique musical instrument which adds some capabilities to his guitar. The configuration is quite simple: twelve wires go to the pick guard which are configured as capacitive sensors and correspond to a note on the chromatic scale. Instead of using touchpads, the use of wires allows him to spread “notes” that he does not need for a particular piece of music. The wires are connected to an Adafruit Feather 32u4 microcontroller behind the neck of the guitar which also has a few selectors to change the way the device creates sounds. It can configure the interface to emit single notes or play notes continuously, change the style, change their octave, as well as many other features.

One of the goals of this project was to increase a guitarist’s versatility in live performances, and we have to agree that this gives the musician a much wider range of abilities without the need for a lot of complex or expensive equipment. on the scene. Lately we’ve seen a few other MIDI versions focused on live performance like this one that keeps a band in sync with each other.


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