Google allows third-party payment systems outside the Play Store in Korea at a discount


In a report by The Wall Street Journal, Google is complying with new Korean laws that require companies like Apple and Google to offer customers the choice of using payment systems outside of their app store apps.

The catch here is that Google will still charge a service fee to developers who want us to have their own payment system, but at a reduced rate. According to the report, developers of eBooks and music streaming would pay Google 6% instead of 10%, while most other developers will have to pay 11% instead of 15%. Meanwhile, popular developers will have to pay 26% against the usual 30% in service fees. These discounts are intended to offset the costs associated with an internal system.

Google Director of Public Policy Wilson White says Google still has to charge fees to “continue to invest” in Android and the Google Play Store to pay for progress in Android, developer tools and research. of security.

It’s not clear whether Korean regulators will agree with Google’s approach to Korea’s new requirement, but it certainly wouldn’t be too encouraging for developers to do any extra work for it. set up their own payment systems taking into account net savings of a few percentages. points.



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