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Above: The Gibson Generation Collection of acoustic guitars.

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When it comes to musical instruments, there are few designs more basic and timeless than the acoustic guitar. With just a hollow wooden body, wooden neck and fingerboard, and a few choice metal and plastic parts, the instrument has fueled musical creation for centuries and remains a staple of rock, pop, folk , blues and a myriad of other styles to this day. .

Likewise, for a good part of this time Gibson, the legendary 128-year-old luthier, has designed some of the most iconic acoustic guitars in history. Today, Gibson continues to create popular and enduring designs like the D-45, the J-200, and the Humming-bird. At the same time, the brand is pushing into imaginative new acoustic guitar territory – proving that, in the right hands, even the most traditional instruments can serve as a platform for innovation in sound and style.

The brand new Gibson Generation Collection is the latest example of Gibson drawing on its distinctive history in the service of designing guitars for the modern era. The four acoustics of Generation Collection – the small body G-00, the G-45 sloped shoulder, the G-Writer equipped with a cutaway, and the Giant-sized G-200 – are built around an innovative side escutcheon design that projects sound towards players. Which means, fthe first time around, guitarists hear exactly what their audience hears. This sound hole, which Gibson nicknamed the Reader Port, was developed from a long-lost 1964 blueprint discovered in the Gibson archives, which illustrated a guitar with a rosette integrated into the side of the body.

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“Gibson’s historical artifacts and archives have moved so many times that it’s a wonder we have anything left,” says Mat Koehler, Senior Director of Product Development at Gibson. “But a lot of amazing things still exist from Gibson’s heyday, like this plan, which I think must be the first documented use of a side port on a guitar.”


Above: the small Gibson Generation Collection G-00.

Watch the G-00 video: HERE.

Perhaps too unconventional a concept for 1964, the side-port-equipped model never entered production and quickly faded from memory. Until now. the new Gibson Generation guitars incorporate an updated version of the original 1964 side port concept into the Reader Port design, offering gamers a Next-level immersive sound experience. In addition to the sound projected towards the listener via the traditional rosette at the top of the guitar, the Reader Port, on the side of the body, directs it directly towards the player. “As a result, you can get along more than ever before,” says Cesar Gueikian, Brand President, Gibson.

Köhler compares the effect to “wearing in-ear monitors and having a microphone in front of your guitar.” It’s so different from a gaming experience. The first time we tried a prototype, we were blown away by what we heard. And the advantage is not only in the performance. “If you are sitting in your bedroom practicing or even learning the guitar for the first time, hearing all of these nuances in your playing will help you in your development.”

Gueikian points out that, true to their name, these acoustics were designed for a “new generation” of players. This means that in addition to revolutionary features like the Reader Port, other design aspects – slimmer bodies, slimmer neck profiles, and one flatter fingerboard Ray – have been incorporated to provide an easier overall gaming experience. Combined with the immersive sounds, the result is a guitar you want to sit with for longer, helping to spark creativity and the desire to explore more and hone your skills on the instrument.


Above: The Gibson Generation Collection G-45 Acoustic Guitar.

Watch the video of the G-45: HERE.

“The thinner construction, along with other small adjustments, makes it a bit more comfortable than a vintage style acoustic guitar.” Köhler said. “These are small changes that really modernize the build and make the instrument more comfortable to play than most other acoustics on the market.”

And the Generation guitars do this with the added benefit of being affordable. Like everything Gibson guitars, the four models are Made in the USA at Gibson’s Bozeman, Montana, craftsmanship and are built from premium solid wood, including Sitka Spruce Top, walnut back and sides, “a beautiful, durable and good-sounding wood”, Köhler adds, useful necks and striped ebony fingerboards. the G-writer and G-200 guitars also add a LR Baggs Element Bronze pickup system for easy amp plug-in-and-play.


Above: The Gibson Generation Collection G-200 acoustic guitar.

Watch the video of the G-200: HERE.


Above: The Gibson Generation Collection G-Writer.

Watch the G-Writer video: HERE.

“For Gibson, innovation isn’t just about new guitar functionality or new electronics,” Gueikien adds. “It’s also about creating a high-end, USA-made Gibson guitar at an affordable price. “

And indeed, these are classic Gibson guitars throughout. “The objective was not to reinvent the wheel, but to improve the creation and performance experience for the player” Köhler said. “So the best part is that even with the Player Port and the other modern features, Generation guitars still inherently sound like a Gibson. “

Tradition and innovation, all wrapped up in excellent acoustics, easy to play and affordable. Over a century later, this continues to be the Gibson path. “Orville Gibson started all of this in 1894 with analog innovation and respecting the value of an instrument as an artistic tool.” Köhler said. “And that’s what we keep in mind with every new guitar we release: how can we innovate in a way that’s still tied to the Gibson heritage, but also features slight improvements for the player? and I think we’ve really struck that balance with this new acoustics.

“It’s an idea that began in Gibson’s heyday in 1964 and is now being put into practice in 2021” Gueikien said. “We always talk about leveraging our iconic past to lean into the future, and the acoustics of the Gibson Generation Collection seem to be the ultimate expression of that belief. “

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