GEAR REVIEW: IK Multimedia releases MODO DRUM version 1.5


IK Multimedia has brought producers a great tool with MODO DRUM 1.0 Physical Modeling Virtual Drums. Using modal synthesis instead of pre-recorded drum samples which are fixed, MODO DRUM software uses a physical modeling engine, so users can adjust every parameter for every drum in real time. So instead of searching the libraries for a sampled kit that sounds “close”, you can shape any kit to match your mix exactly. And in virtual rooms created with mathematical convolution processing, you also have incredible control over the sonic space your drums occupy. Now MODO DRUM 1.5 has arrived with more pre-made kits, MIDI grooves and a dedicated mixing interface.

KMain characteristics

MODO DRUM gives music producers controls for everything from drumhead material, shell depth and thickness, to other drum and performance-specific parameters such as the area where the drumheads are struck. The idea is that playing with MODO DRUM is almost like playing real drums with a real drummer.

With MODO DRUM 1.5, IK extends its physical modeling drum virtual instrument to 13 deeply customizable virtual drum kits and offers a wider choice of versions of these sets to meet almost any need. A key area of ​​improvement for version 1.5 is the addition of three new drum kits to the MODO DRUM “Showroom”: Silver, Brit Custom and Metal. Each kit was developed by drum researchers at IK.

Silver is a six-piece vintage maple kit, perfect as a versatile, versatile solution for any genre. Its open sound and tunability make it ideal for pop and rock. It’s also perfect for metal and heavier genres using MODO DRUM’s built-in processing.

Brit Custom is a four-piece birch kit with a warm, rich sound ideal for styles like indie-pop and indie-rock. It is paired with the 2022 cymbal collection which includes: a 20″ ride, an 18″ crash, a 16″ crash and the new 2022 hi-hat. These cymbals have been carefully designed to cut through a mix without losing warmth and color.

Metal is an eight-piece set characterized by a fat sound with a dark color, perfect for genres that need a hard-hitting rhythm section like metal and even more aggressive styles. The metal is paired with a new collection of custom cymbals that includes six bespoke cymbals designed to perfectly match and complement the tone of the shell pack.

Price and availability

If you want to test out physically modeled drum kits, the MODO DRUM Custom Shop is available for free and includes one of IK’s most popular drum kits. By using it, you will get an idea of ​​the operation and full power of the MODO DRUM engine. At any time during the program, you can choose new à la carte kits, make your purchase, and expand your drum room in minutes. All new kits and cymbals become instantly available for making music and creating custom hybrids with other MODO DRUM kits you already own.

All versions of MODO DRUM 1.5 are available on the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized resellers worldwide for the following versions:

  • MODO DRUM 1.5 CS Free – 1 kit, the MODO DRUM engine, grooves and effects
  • MODO DRUM 1.5 SE $149.99 – 5 kits, the MODO DRUM engine, grooves and effects
  • MODO DRUM 1.5 $299.99 – all 13 kits, MODO DRUM engine, grooves and effects
  • Individual MODO DRUM Kits $49.99 – available for CS and SE users through the Custom Shop

Current owners of MODO DRUM 1.0 and other qualifying IK products can log into their IK user account and add MODO DRUM 1.5 to cart to see special crossgrade and upgrade pricing available to them, starting at $79 $.99 for the full version.

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Modo Drum sounds are not pre-recorded, more flexibility playing drums in a virtual room, provides sound quality of the best sample-based programs without the huge memory footprint

The inconvenients

To enjoy all the features, users need to know a bit about physical modeling of drums, drum sounds and parts


A great choice for producers or drummers who want to get started with a virtual instrument.


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