Fredrik Eklund Net Worth 2022 – the quirky Swedish real estate broker


Always sell and always close. These timeless phrases still apply to sales and real estate today, and together they essentially sum up the Swedish-born realtor.

Fredrik Eklund’s estimated net worth is $30 million as of 2022. This makes him the second richest agent on Million Dollar Listing, behind Josh Flagg who is worth $35 million.

Eklund has had a fascinating career with several intriguing secondary saves, so let’s dive in and see what it’s all about.

Early days

He was born in Sweden in 1977 to a father who was an economist at a major Swedish bank, and he showed what it was all about early on, hosting family shows in the living room at age four and charging five crowns for the privilege of watching it. Family ties, indeed!

Young Fredrik then surfaced as an exchange student in America, and when he saw the bright lights of New York, everything changed for him. He vowed to live there eventually, but he first studied at the Stockholm School of Economics and founded a financial journal, although he never graduated.

Eklund’s first real financial vehicle was a company called Humany that he started with his father and former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt. Fredrik became CEO of the company at the age of 23, and he indeed moved to New York, where he also started a music production company called Cave Entertainment.

The money game

Fast forward to 2010, when Eklund was involved in real estate in a big way. He was chief executive of two major New York real estate companies, and between the two he closed more than $5 billion in residential properties.

He now runs his own brokerage firm, of course, but Eklund has retained his European roots as well. He owns a high-end residential brokerage with more than 50 employees.

What comes next after becoming very rich? Why, become damn famous, of course. Eklund’s client list is to die for – it includes names like Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Matthew Broderick, Daniel Craig and Sarah Jessica Parker, among others.

He also does reality TV, naturally, appearing on Million Dollar Listing New York and LA for Bravo, so in the real estate world he’s considered a serious A-lister.

Become personal

Eklund’s personal life has had some interesting twists and turns. Before moving to New York, he had a brief stint in adult entertainment, under the pseudonym Tag Eriksson. He said he only dabbled for a total of one week spread over several months, but this phase of his “career” also led him to a role in the 2003 parody of “The Ring” which didn’t was not so appealingly called “The Hole”. .”

Eklund seems to have straightened out that part of life, but not literally. He married the artist Derek Kaplan in 2013, and for a time the couple lived in New York, although they now live in Connecticut after buying a mansion in the town of Roxbury.

They also became parents, with a set of twins, daughter Milla and son Fredrik Jr. arriving via surrogate. Eklund also got into the wine business, launching his personal brand, High-Kick, which is sold in six countries, and his rose is now also a big seller in Sweden.

Eklund is still relatively young, so it will be interesting to see if he has any major moves that go beyond getting rich and selling houses.

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