FlowersFlowers, owned by a woman, sells flower arrangements


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Inside FlowersFlowers, an array of flowers lights up the store. The bouquets are arranged to order.

Store owner Joanne Leiman said the reason Evanston residents should shop at FlowersFlowers is simple.

“We just have the best flowers in Evanston,” Leiman said. “They are of the highest quality and most unique. I’m biased, but our designs are also the best.

FlowersFlowers has been blooming the Evanston community for over 30 years from its storefront at 1110 Davis St. Leiman and its employees work to create specialty flower arrangements for individuals and events.

Inside the store, flowers ranging from roses to Leonotis leonurus, or the lion’s tail shrub, sit in vases, waiting to be arranged in bouquets by employees.

The store imports and sells specialty flowers from countries around the world, including Holland, New Zealand and South Africa, which is part of why its products are so unique, said senior floral designer Amy Esquibel. .

“It’s an uplifting undertaking,” she said. “People receive flowers for happy occasions or to make themselves happier in sad times.”

Leiman is the third owner of FlowersFlowers, having bought the company 23 years ago. After working as a banking project manager for seven years, Leiman decided to change careers because she didn’t like the corporate world.

The bank where she worked was a small business, and as it expanded, Leiman said she realized she preferred a more intimate workplace. She chose a flower shop because she wanted to sell luxury items and make people happy, Leiman said.

“It’s a wonderful responsibility,” she says. “I feel like I have the opportunity to represent something that I’m proud to sell and share with the rest of the community.”

This fall, Leiman also turned to Northwestern’s student-run marketing agency, Form & Function, to explore advertising strategies for the company.

Weinberg senior Meghna Jain works as a project manager for FlowersFlowers marketing. She and a team of NU students worked to increase the store’s social media presence, design posters, improve its website and launch email marketing.

Leiman’s passion for selling flowers is easy to see, Jain said.

“It was a really cool learning experience,” Jain said. “Anything we suggest to Joanne, she immediately implements it. She was very receptive to us.

Leiman said she hopes to continue to grow the store in any way possible, as she views owning and operating a business as an evolutionary process.

Both Leiman and Esquibel like to give people something beautiful, Esquibel said. For Leiman, the end result of the floral arrangements they create is even more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

“It’s almost like an orchestra,” Leiman said. “A single instrument is beautiful enough on its own, but when you put it all together you really get something special.”

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