“EvoL-ution” is Rick Cacuzza creating an ever-evolving live musical performance


Rick Cucuzza is scheduled to perform at the Tommy Rocks Music Store in Jerome on Sunday, November 28, 2021 at 2 p.m. (Tommy Rocks / Courtesy)

No prerecorded tracks have ever been used. Some of his performances are totally impromptu and others always singularly different.

Rick Cacuzza plays a wide variety of music, spanning contemporary jazz, blues, funk and classic rock, as well as his original compositions.

Its “floor” included an impressive array of electronics: the Singular Sound Eros Loop Studio and Morningstar MC6 & MC8 as well as the BeatBuddy pedal drum machine allow it to sound like a complete band.

The Neural DSP Quad Cortex gives it excellent sound effects and amp modeling, and the Fishman TriplePlay Wireless MIDI pickup and Roland Integra Seven complete the setup with the sounds of bass, piano, organ, sax and more.

Raised in Southern California, Cacuzza grew up during a wonderful time in musical history. At 15, he started playing bass guitar and loved the powerful feel of the amplified bass. Shortly after, he switched to the guitar.

For 15 years, Cacuzza played guitar in the region with several local bands, and soon after opened a recording studio.

In 1980, Cacuzza started playing the Chapman Stick, considered by many to be the most difficult instrument. In 1988, he and his family moved to Prescott. Since then he has performed in the region in original bands and covers, and now presents his show “evoL-ution” at Tommy Rocks, performing live as a one-man-band.

You can watch his shows throughout northern Arizona and follow him on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on his website, rickcucuzza.com.

Cucuzza will perform at the Tommy Rocks Music Store, 110 Main St., Jerome on Sunday, November 28. Free entry.

For more information, call 928-963-0409 or visit tommyrocks.com.

Information provided by Tommy Rocks Music Store.


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