ESP celebrates the centenary of classic horror by FW Murnau with the Nosferatu Eclipse


ESP USA unveiled a unique limited edition Eclipse to celebrate 100 years of FW Murnau’s silent horror classic Nosferatu.

It’s not the first time ESP has paid homage to horror movies in its high-end electric guitars – Metallica’s Kirk Hammett has a slew of classic monsters on his signature KH series – but the ESP USA Nosferatu is going a step further with a design that is literally etched into the guitar’s maple top.

Its top and head features pyrographic artwork by Dumitru “Dino” Muradian, a technique that uses precision burns to capture Graf Orlok (played by Max Schreck) in all his vampiric glory. The detail is amazing, and everything is handmade. As such, the ESP USA Nosferatu is limited to 15 instruments worldwide.

The rest of the guitar is equally impressive, especially if you’re looking for a high-performance single-cut. It has a 60mm thick chambered mahogany body topped with plain maple – Muradian’s canvas – a through-thru mahogany neck and a 12-inch radius ebony fingerboard.

The devil is in the detail; there are 22 extra-jumbo stainless steel Jescar frets, that neck is carved from ESP’s speedy Thin-U profile, a set of Sperzel Trim-Lok locking tuners and a TonePros T3BT locking TOM bridge and tailpiece T1Z lock. And saving the best for last, it comes with a set of Seymour Duncan Black Winter humbuckers that were custom shop wound by Maricela “MJ” Juarez.

Nosferatu might be a silent movie, but the guitar will be anything but, with those passive electric guitar pickups capable of packing a punch (DCR readings for regular Black Winter models indicate 16.6k for bridge models, 13k for the neck) and are voiced with black and death metal in mind.

To control them, you have a three-way toggle switch, individual volume controls and a master tone. The ESP USA Nosferatu is finished in a natural satin finish and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. It is priced at £12,000.

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ESP Nosferatus

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ESP Nosferatus

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