Equipment review: TaylorSense makes some sense


Guitars are an investment in our music. To protect an investment, you polish and clean it, protect it with the best cases and covers you can afford, and keep them at the right amount of humidification to keep the wood at its right amount of moisture.

Taylor Guitars launched the TaylorSense system several years ago, but now they have extended the technology to include Android-based tablets and smartphones, which much of the public uses. Taylor sent the TaylorSense system to American songwriters’ offices so that we could do a practice test with it. What was included in the package was a replacement drum box that is connected to your existing electronics in your particular Taylor guitar.

I followed the instructions that came with the device, loosened the strings on my guitar, released the wires inside the body to have some slack and removed the screws from the original battery compartment at the bottom of the guitar next to the strap button. After disconnecting the original compartment and simply reversing the process by attaching the new TaylorSense unit, I replaced the mounting screws, put the wires back inside the acoustic body, tightened the strings, and installed a new battery in it. ‘device. After that, I picked up my smartphone, went to the App Store, and downloaded the free TaylorSense app.

Temperature in Celsius

The TaylorSense guitar’s internal electronics connect to your phone via Bluetooth. One of my favorite features of TaylorSense is that you can load multiple Taylor guitars into the app and track their information individually on one screen. The playback screen reflects your guitar’s current humidity level, the guitar’s current temperature, the percentage of battery life remaining (so you know when to change it before playing a show), and a history of battery life. impacts over 14 days. Impact history is important if you are traveling by plane or other public transportation where your guitar could be hit, knocked over, or dropped. The TaylorSense will tell you the exact time and date and the number of impacts your guitar has suffered. Sometimes I check my guitar at work just to see how my Taylor Koa K26 is doing today.

The technology of the TaylorSense is amazing at an investment cost of just $ 79.99, you can afford to fit one into each of your Taylor guitars. If you are not comfortable with working the guitar, I recommend that you take your instrument and the TaylorSense to your favorite repair shop and let them do it. If you are already doing some guitar tuning and tuning, you should be able to handle this setup yourself. I am very happy that Taylor Guitars has extended this technology to include Android devices. My only other personal request is if they could make the TaylorSense a tracking device with a GPS map in case it got stolen or borrowed.

Maybe it will be in the next TaylorSense update? But for now, this is incredibly cost-effective protection for your favorite guitar. Check it out for yourself here.


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