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Contributed Photo/Courtesy of Nura: The NuraTrue Pro delivers an unparalleled music experience with Nura Custom Sound, CD-Quality Lossless Audio, Spatial Processing and Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation.

Lossless audio streaming via Bluetooth® is poised to make 95% of wireless headphones and earbuds obsolete worldwide. Introducing the NuraTrue Pro, the second-generation wireless headphones joining Nura’s award-winning product family, ready to change the game once again with CD-quality lossless sound via Bluetooth via Qualcomm aptXTM Lossless. Combined with Nura’s patented Personalized Sound technology, the NuraTrue Pro delivers an unparalleled audio experience tailored specifically to the listener. Packed with additional premium audio features including Spatial Audio (powered by Dirac) and enhanced adaptive active noise cancellation, the NuraTrue Pro ensures nothing comes between you and what matters most, your music.

Celebrating five years in the industry, NuraTrue Pro is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter and will launch later this year.

“We live in a time when Bluetooth technology has matured to the point where we no longer need to compromise on sound quality due to wireless bandwidth limitations. As such, we have adopted a “no compromise” design philosophy with the NuraTrue Pro, which applies to all aspects of the product, from audio performance to product design and user experience. With the NuraTrue Pro, we deliver an experience that typically requires expensive equipment for enthusiasts, with the convenience provided by the True Wireless form factor that everyone has come to know and love over the past few years,” said Dr. Luke Campbell, CEO and Co-Founder of Nura .

Premium audio features for music lovers

Enjoy audiophile-quality sound with the convenience of a wireless earphone. No longer limited by wireless transmission bottlenecks, the NuraTrue Pro supports lossless CD-quality audio (16-bit, 44.1kHz) via Bluetooth via Qualcomm aptXTM Lossless to deliver audio fidelity uncompressed and perfect which usually requires expensive high-end enthusiasts. quality equipment to reproduce. When combined with Nura’s award-winning Custom Sound technology, which measures a user’s hearing to create an individualized equalizer, the NuraTrue Pro delivers an unparalleled musical experience that is perfectly balanced specifically for the listener in a small practical form factor.

Contributing Photo/Courtesy Nura

Additionally, NuraTrue Pro also provides a spatial audio mode powered by Swedish sound pioneer Dirac, providing a new immersive audio experience. Transform any stereo content into an immersive sound experience with accurate soundstage and pristine sound quality, from any source or streaming platform. Listeners can now enjoy more balanced sound and an expanded soundscape that includes all the spatial cues of the original stereo content, as if coming from a pair of high-end studio monitors.

NuraTrue Pro improves on the noise cancellation performance of its predecessor with Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation. A high-precision cancellation signal that can dynamically adapt to changes in headphone positioning is generated, via the inputs of three noise-detecting microphones to analyze background sounds
in combination with advanced digital signal processing techniques, the listening experience remains at the heart of the user’s attention.

Also making its debut is Nura’s ProEQ, a much requested feature available exclusively for the NuraTrue Pro which allows for manual EQ adjustment via the companion app.

Next Generation Connectivity

NuraTrue Pro uses the latest Bluetooth technologies to deliver a true next-gen wireless experience. With Bluetooth 5.3, multipoint connections are supported, allowing users to connect to multiple source devices at once. Additionally, NuraTrue Pro features dynamic main earbud switching, allowing each side to be used independently, switching seamlessly between single and dual-sided use.

Crystal clear voice calls

Using advanced digital signal processing techniques to combine inputs from 4 microphones, including a bone conduction sensor to improve signal-to-noise ratio, the NuraTrue Pro ensures voice calls are crystal clear, even when there is a lot of surrounding background noise. The bone conduction sensor picks up body vibrations generated by the user’s voice, enabling clearer speech and, in combination with noise cancellation, ensuring that speech remains intelligible in all environments.

Improved charging case

Due to popular demand, wireless charging capabilities have been integrated into the charging case. Simply place the charging case on a Qi-certified charger to provide you with all the power you need. And for those who haven’t made the switch yet, charging time via the supplied cable has been reduced by 50%.

All-day battery life with laptop charging case

Enjoy up to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge from the headphones, with an additional 24 hours from the charging case. That means a full 32 hours of uninterrupted listening to get you through the day without needing the USB-C charging cable.

Dip slider

The Immersion Slider, a core feature of the Nura product family, allows users to boost or cut the bass level to suit their tastes without affecting the faithful reproduction of high and mid frequencies.

Customizable touch buttons

Each earbud contains a user-configurable touch sensor. Up to eight unique touch inputs, four per earbud, can be assigned, allowing users to have full control without ever having to reach for their phone.

Perfect fit detection

NuraTrue Pro uses sensors to detect that the earbuds are positioned correctly with a perfect seal to ensure a perfect listening experience every time. Four sizes of silicone ear tips, one set of foam ear tips, and two sizes of secure-fit wings come with the NuraTrue Pro so users can mix and match to find the fit solution that’s right for them. the best.

Contributor Photo/Courtesy of Nura: The NuraTrue Pro features an updated charging case.

In-ear detection

The headphones will automatically pause music when removed from the ears and resume when returned, for a smooth experience made possible by optical sensors in each ear cup that can detect when they are worn. Not for you? The auto-pause behavior can be configured to stop when an earbud is removed, or both, or can be disabled entirely through the companion app.

Companion app

The companion app, available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, is required to create your unique hearing profile and for device setup. As with all Nura products, the NuraTrue Pro can then be used with any device that supports a Bluetooth connection.

Qualcomm aptX™ Lossless audio with Snapdragon Sound

NuraTrue Pro is powered by the latest generation Qualcomm QCC5171 BT audio SoC which frees up the transmission bandwidth needed to deliver uncompressed, pristine 16-bit 44.1kHz audio quality over Bluetooth wireless technology. Qualcomm aptXTM Lossless is the latest capability to be added to their aptXTM Adaptive technology, a new feature in their Snapdragon Sound platform, which is expected to be widely available soon on source devices with their Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform. NuraTrue Pro is backwards compatible with older versions of aptXTM Adaptive/Classic, including 96kHz/24bit.

The NuraTrue Pro will retail for $329 USD, £299 GBP, €359 EUR and $499 AUD.

Available for pre-order on Starterwith Super Early Bird Discounts from $199.

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