Disney+’s ‘Muppet Show’ is Only 2 Episodes Missing, and Fans Have a Disturbing Theory About 1


Jim Henson’s creations, The Muppets, have a long and illustrious history that has permeated almost all forms of media. The puppet show ceased broadcasting in the 1980s but has remained relevant. Disney+ gave the characters a streaming series titled muppets now. However, two episodes of muppets now are missing from Disney+, and fans have a disturbing theory about it.

The premise of “Muppets Now”

‘Muppets now’ | Disney+

muppets now is a series on Disney+ that consists of several different segments linked together using a framing device. Segments include a cooking show, a talk show, and a game show. Miss Piggy has her own segment Lifesty(le) with Miss Piggy, where she offers her audience lifestyle advice with the help of celebrity guests.

In another smaller segment, Miss Piggy tries out exotic foods and a beauty regimen and discusses a topic with the guest star. And in yet another segment, the Swedish chef tackles iron boss type of format by taking on celebrity chefs.

In Mup close and personal, various Muppets have heart-to-hearts with celebrity guests. And in muppet Laboratory field test, characters Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew conduct their outdoor experiments with safety warnings to their audience. The show is directed by Scooter, the stage manager and member of the utility stage crew.

The Muppet characters debuted in 1969 on sesame street. Henson then created programs for an adult demographic like The Muppets Valentine’s Day show and The puppet show: sex and violence. However, the two shows were never ordered to series.

Henson continued to work in the industry and his characters were featured in Saturday night Live. His involvement with SNL was short-lived due to disputes with the show’s producers and writers. But he came away with a ton of valuable ideas, which he then used to create The puppet show.

The series debuted in 1976 and became an instant hit. The puppet show ran for five seasons ending in 1981. The Disney+ muppets now was released on the platform in February 2021, but it is missing a few episodes.

The Disturbing Fan Theory About Missing ‘Muppets Now’ Episodes

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When Disney+ dropped the new The puppet show, muppets now, eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed a problem. Three episodes of the series were missing, without any explanation. The series has 120 episodes, but it had 117 episodes when it debuted, including two absent from season 5 and one from the first season.

The missing Season 1 episode featuring Kaye Ballard has been restored with a Disney+ representative clarifying that its omission was an error. However, the Brooke Shields and Chris Langham episodes were not restored, leading fans and the media to speculate as to what might have happened.

Weekly entertainment speculated that Langham’s sex offender conviction may have played a role in his episode’s withdrawal. According to the outlet, Langham, a writer on the show, took over from Richard Pryor as guest star on the 11th Hour.

However, in 2007 Langham was convicted of possession of child pornography and ended up spending six months in prison. EW tried to reach Disney+ for comment on the issue, but the streamer declined the request.

Why The Brooke Shields Episode Is Missing

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Disney+ ran into issues with copyrights and music licensing while working on the muppets now. Since the episode of Shield is a complete parody episode of Alice in Wonderland, decision maker speculates that the heist could be because Disney+ has yet to get approval from author Lewis Carroll’s estate.

The site also speculates that the episode could have been stopped because of Shields herself, but there has been no news as to why her episode is not up.

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