Did you notice anything funny in the way he walks? –Boston Herald


A man stole an $8,000 1959 Les Paul Standard electric guitar from a music store near Toronto by stuffing it in his pants. Surveillance video shows him playing the guitar before hiding it in his “extremely wide baggy pants” and covering the body of the instrument with his sweater.

SO THE EVENING WAS NOT A TOTAL LOSS: A woman walked out of the ‘worst date I’ve had in my life’ by asking a friend to text her saying she had tested positive for Covid. She then told her date that she was going to have to go home and self-quarantine, but she went clubbing with her boyfriend instead and ended up having sex with another guy.

THE THING IS I’M A COMPLICATED GUY AND I DON’T NEED TO BE HASSLED: A man involved in a hit-and-run accident in West Allis, Wisconsin, told arresting officers he fled the scene because ‘he had a lot of money on him and wouldn’t answer questions. “.

WAIT, YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE IT FOR A TEST RIDE!? A man robbed a bank in Garden City, Michigan, then tried to sell his getaway car on social media. Cops had used CCTV to link the car to the thief. Detectives pretended to be interested in buying the vehicle and met him at a gas station where they stopped him

IT’S BEEN QUITE AN ADVENTURE, LITTLE GUY: A hermit crab that escaped from an outdoor enclosure at its owners’ Houston home was located about three months later. A jogger spotted the one-inch crustacean wandering beside a sidewalk a short distance down the street from its owners’ home.

THE ADVANTAGES OF A COMPANY CAR: A Baltimore Public Works employee used a Baltimore City truck to attempt to rob an ATM in Owings Mills, Maryland. Cops spotted him around 3.30am with chains wrapped around the ATM as he prepared to pull him from his moorings. using the city vehicle. He tried to run but he didn’t get far.

I WILL ARRIVE MR: After noticing that a security camera had gone off in the Las Vegas home he was renovating, the landlord drove there and discovered a woman taking a bath in an upstairs bathroom. The woman told officers she had inherited the house, but it was quickly determined that was not true.

I KNOW, I WILL JUST GET RID OF THE EVIDENCE: After a drug dealer suspected that the guys who wanted to buy meth from him were actually undercover cops, he led officers on a high-speed chase through Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, throwing bags methamphetamine through the window as he fled.

LADIES PLEASE CALM YOURSELF! Two women got into a fight with workers at a convenience store in Bear, Delaware, then threatened the workers who locked themselves in the manager’s office to get away from them. When state troopers showed up and ordered them to surrender, the two women resisted arrest, spat at the officers, and assaulted them. One of the women also attacked the emergency medical personnel who had come to take her to the hospital.


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